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Initial Settings

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Welcome to the MyRewards documentation. This part of the documentation will detail the features of the free version of the plugin. If you’re using WooRewards (the pro version), please refer to other parts of this documentation.

Run the Wizard

After installing and activating the plugin (you can find the plugin here), you need to run the wizard in order to create your loyalty program. Therefore, go to the following page :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry

There are several steps you need to complete to set up your loyalty program

Step 1 – System Name

In this step, you can give a name to your loyalty program. This name will be visible for your customers. Therefore, make sure to choose a name that represents your brand.

After choosing a name, click the Next button.

Step 2 – Points

Your customers can perform various actions to earn points. In this step, you can set how many points your customers will earn for the following actions :

  • Points for each $ spent : Points customers will earn every time they spend one unit of your local currency
  • Points on order placed : When customers complete an order, they will earn this amount of points
  • Extra points on first order : Customers will earn extra points if that’s their first order on your website
  • Points on product review : You can give points to your customers when they review a product
  • Points for each $ spent by referee : When customers refer other people, they can earn points for each unit of your local currency they spend
  • Points on referee orders : With this action, referrers will earn a fix amount of points for each order placed by a referee.

Points for Product Reviews Information

Customers can only earn points for product reviews if you use the standard WooCommerce review feature or if you use the “Customer Reviews for WooCommerce” plugin. It won’t work with third party services like trustpilot.

If you don’t want to give points for all actions, you can leave one or more fields empty. You can change these values later if need be. Click the Next button to go to the next step.

Step 3 – Reward

In the free version, you can only give one type of reward to your customers. You can choose between the following ones :

  • Points on cart : Your customers can use the points they earned previously directly on the cart or checkout page to get an immediate discount. If you choose this option, all you have to do is set how much 1 point is worth in your base currency.
  • Fix amount coupon : Set the number of points customers need to unlock a fixed amount coupon. As soon as they have enough points, they will receive the coupon and the points will be deducted from their total.
  • Percentage coupon : Set the number of points customers need to unlock a percentage discount coupon. As soon as they have enough points, they will receive the coupon and the points will be deducted from their total.

After setting the reward, click the Next button.

Step 4 – Summary

In this step, you’ll get a summary of everything you’ve set so far. Look at the summary and go back to previous steps if something’s wrong.

Finally, you have 2 options before finishing the wizard :

  • Enable rewards emails : If you chose a coupon discount, you should enable emails so that customers can know when they can use a coupon.
  • Start the program : If you set it to Yes, the loyalty program will start working for your customers immediately.

After finishing, click the Submit button.

You will automatically get to a new page that shows all your program’s details. You can edit your settings in that page. However, we’ll detail them in the next pages of this documentation.

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