Installation and activation
Installation and activation

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Welcome to the WooRewards documentation. This list of articles will help you to start with the plugin and set up your loyalty program.

Download and Install

After purchasing your license, you should receive an email with a download link. Use this link to download the plugin’s zip file to your computer. Alternatively, you can log into your account at and go to the Downloads section to download the plugin.

Now that you have the zip file, in your website, go to

WordPress Admin
Add New
Upload Plugin

Select the zip file you previously downloaded and validate.

If you were using the plugin’s free version previously, you will have to replace the previous version with the new one at the end of the installation.
When prompted, choose to replace the previous version with the new one

Activate your license

After downloading and installing your plugin, it’s time to activate your license to enable the plugin’s pro features.

If you were using the free version of the plugin, you need to install the pro version before being able to activate your license. Please follow the stepts described above

Find your license key

You will find your license key inside the order confirmation email. You can also find it by going into your account at inside Orders → License Manage.

Regular activation

After the plugin installation, you should automatically be redirected to the plugin’s license activation page. If it’s not the case, in your administration, go to

WordPress Admin
License Management

Inside this page, paste your license key in the appropriate field and click on Activate my license. That’s it; your license is now active and you can start using the plugin. Go to the next page of this documentation to set up your first loyalty program.

Alternative activation

If the regular activation doesn’t work, it means that your server can’t contact our licensing server. However, after the activation failure, you will see an option to activate your license directly from our website. Follow the stepts indicated on your screen and on the website to proceed with a manual activation.

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