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Referrals Made Simple
Referrals Made Simple

Referral Codes

Your referrals can create and edit their code on a dedicated interface in their account. They can also create their referral URL to share it as they want.

Referral Rewards

With Referral Codes, you can reward referrals with discounts or let them accumulate credit on the website to be redeemed later as they see fit.

Referee Discounts

Referees can get an immediate discount when they enter a referral code on the cart or if they visit the referral url.

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Referral Features
Referral Features

Referral Codes
Referrals can set and customize their code on a dedicated my account tab. However, you can set restrictions and override their codes if needed
Referral URLs
Like for referral codes, you can enable referral URLs. Referrals can share that url with their audience. Once visited, the referral code is automatically applied.
It's important to reward both referrals and referees. Referees will get an instant discount when using the referral code. For referrals, it's up to you to set the appropriate reward.
Restricted Access
By default, all your customers can create their referral code and share it with their friends. But you can change that and only allow users with a specific role to create a code.
Minimum Amount
You don't have to reward your referrals every time they refer a new customer. You can set it so that they're only rewarded after referees have spent a minimum amount on your store.
Referral Information
It's important for referrals to get a clean and precise information about their referral activity. Show them their referral history and their current reward balance.

Advanced Features
Advanced Features

Custom Rewards
Reward your referrals as you want. You can give them a fix discount for each referral or reward them depending on the amount spent by referees.
Easy Setup
You can set up your referral codes plugin in a few minutes. Add a few more minutes to set up the front end and your referrals can start using their referral codes.
In your administration area, you can track your referrals' activity. See and edit referral codes, transactions history, rewards earned and reset rewards.
Reward Emails
Your referrals may not visit your website every day to see their referrals history. You can set up an email to inform them when they've earned enough to be rewarded.
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Referral Codes Pricing
Referral Codes Pricing

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