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Referral Codes

Referrals and Rewards for WooCommerce

Bring new customers to your website

When you want to increase your website's revenue, growing your customers base is often the best solution. However, it can prove to be difficult. With the Referral Codes plugin, it becomes easy since your customers are the ones that will bring new clients. You can also partner with influencers and ask them to bring you new customers.

The referral codes plugin provides the following features

  • Let your customers create and customize their referral codes
  • Select if all customers can be referrals or decide which ones can
  • Give referred customers an immediate discount when they use a valid referral code
  • Rewards your referral customers when their code is used.
  • Decide if you reward your referrals with fixed amounts or an amount based on the referees expenses.
  • Give referral customers an interface to follow their referral activity
  • Analyze your referrals activity with a dedicated interface on your website's admin interface
  • Add more rules like a minimum spent amount to get a reward.

Easy to set up

Settings are very easy. Select the referral's reward, select the referee's reward and you're already good to go. It's as simple as that.

Of course, the plugin offers a lot more features to handle your referral program the way you want to :

  • Decide which customers can get a referral code
  • Set a minimum amount spent by referees to reward the referral
  • Retain the referral reward until the referral has referred enough people
  • Set a fixed reward or a reward that depends on the amount spent by referees

User Interfaces

The Referral Codes plugin also provides different interfaces to see and manage the referral codes activity.

Each referral can see a new tab into the My Account page with information about his referral activity :

  • See and edit his referral code
  • See his referral code transaction history
  • See all the rewards earned over a period thanks to his referral code
  • And you can also add other information in the page


As an administrator, you have access to an interface where you can see all your referrals and their codes :

  • Select the covered period for the report
  • See the amount and count of rewards given to your referrals
  • Force the conversion of standby amounts into rewards
  • Reset the standby amount of the desired referrals


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