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Referral Codes|Referrals and Rewards for WooCommerce

Features|All the referrals features you need

When you want to increase your website's revenue, growing your customers base is often the best solution. However, it can prove to be difficult. With the Referral Codes plugin, it becomes easy since your customers are the ones that will bring new clients. You can also partner with influencers and ask them to bring you new customers. The referral codes plugin provides the following features
  • Let your customers create and customize their referral codes
  • Select if all customers can be referrals or decide which ones can
  • Give referred customers an immediate discount when they use a valid referral code
  • Rewards your referral customers when their code is used.
  • Decide if you reward your referrals with fixed amounts or an amount based on the referees expenses.
  • Give referral customers an interface to follow their referral activity
  • Analyze your referrals activity with a dedicated interface on your website's admin interface
  • Add more rules like a minimum spent amount to get a reward.

Setup|As easy as it gets

Settings are very easy. Select the referral's reward, select the referee's reward and you're already good to go. It's as simple as that. Of course, the plugin offers a lot more features to handle your referral program the way you want to :
  • Decide which customers can get a referral code
  • Set a minimum amount spent by referees to reward the referral
  • Retain the referral reward until the referral has referred enough people
  • Set a fixed reward or a reward that depends on the amount spent by referees

User Experience|You referrals will thank you for it

The Referral Codes plugin provides a great user experience for both you and your referrals thanks to dedicated interfaces. Each referral/influencer can see a new tab into the My Account page with information about his referral activity :
  • See and edit his referral code
  • See his referral code transaction history
  • See all the rewards earned over a period thanks to his referral code
  • And you can also add other information in the page
  • Get his referral URL that he can share with his audience
As an administrator, you have access to an interface where you can see all your referrals and their codes :
  • Select the covered period for the report
  • See the amount and count of rewards given to your referrals
  • Force the conversion of standby amounts into rewards
  • Reset the standby amount of the desired referrals
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Bundles|Combine the plugins !

We design our plugins to work together and add features to each other. When you combine our plugins, not only do you have access to each plugin's powerful features, you also get access to extra features. Here's how you can enhance WooRewards with other plugins.

WooRewards is the best loyalty plugin for WooCommerce. It provides infinite possibilities to engage your customers in activities that will incentivize them to come again and bring their friends. WooRewards is used every day by thousands websites. Discover today what makes it the best loyalty plugin.
Extra Features
With both WooRewards and Referral Codes, you can decide to reward your referrals with loyalty points instead of an immediate reward when their code is used. Create a more powerful referral program with long term objectives for your referrals. From referrals, they will become ambassadors.
WooVIP is a feature rich membership plugin. Create and sell memberships to your customers. Memberships give access to specific products or contents as well as access to special discounts or free shipping. It goes even further with lots of display options for your members.
Extra Features
Give specific rewards to your members when they refer new customers. You can set a different referral reward for each membership. Combine WooVIP and Referral Codes to engage your members with a motivating referrals program.
WooVirtualWallet is the most powerful wallet and gift cards plugin for WooCommerce. With its unique Gems mode, it allows you to create a gift shop with your own currency. You can sell gift cards that will be credited to the wallet when used. You will also find the standard wallet features like product cashback, partial payment and payment gateway.
Extra Features
Reward your referrals with credit on their virtual wallet instead of discount coupons. They can use it to purchase products on your website. You can also create a "Referrals shop" with exclusive products that only referrals can buy with their credit.
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All licenses sold in bundles are lifetime licenses. You buy them once and you will receive lifetime updates and support for the plugins in the bundle.
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