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Hello everyone,

Here are the rules available for all affiliates on

  • When a sale of which you are the source occurs on this site, you get 10% (excluding tax) of the sale amount on you affiliate account.
  • Beyond 100 sales of which you are the source, you get 12% (excluding tax) of every sale.
  • Your bank account is credited once a month, between the 5 and the 10 of the next month by wire transfer labelled "LWS - Affiliate Program". To be credited, your affiliate balance must be over 100,00€. If you want to be paid if your balance is under that amount, you'll have to pay the bank/paypal fees.

You can, at every moment, follow your affiliate activity on this website. When you register, please send us your account number (IBAN), either in the commentary or by email at (specify your affiliate name). You can also specify your paypal email address when registering.

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