A great selection of plugins

Retain your customers thanks to our loyalty and rewards solution for WooCommerce. WooRewards offers many ways to reward your customers when they buy, sponsor a new customer or get involved with your online store.

WooVIP is the best plugin to create VIP Lounges on your website. Create exclusive areas with content only they can see for your customers and give them special discounts on your shop. You can also sell VIP Membership.

WooVirtualWallet is a powerful wallet plugin for WooCommerce. It allows your customers to pay their orders with virtual money partially or in full.I it also lets you create gift cards, cashback and other features.

Combine the plugins

What if your WordPress plugins worked together in order to create a whole new experience ?

That's what our plugins do. If you combine two of them, they add features to each other. If you combine more, it keeps adding new and powerful features.

That's the purpose of the Play Together program. Starting with our homemade plugins, we aim at creating a comprehensive, intuitive and powerful ecosystem within WordPress websites.

Discover what makes this program unique and what it can bring to your website.

Support isn't an empty word

We provide extensive documentation for all our plugins. You will find on this website a dedicated documentation for each plugin. These documentations detail all features and also answer the most commonly asked questions.

For our most advanced plugins, we help you getting started with some installation or setup wizards. They will help you understand how the plugin works and show you what you can achieve when using it.

Our support is available 24/7. If you have problems using one of our plugins, simply click on the support button on the top right of the plugin's administration and submit a request. All requests receive an answer within 24h.

specific development
Specific Developments

Sometimes, your vision is unique.

WordPress, WooCommerce and their dedicated plugins have their limits, even when we try to lift them.

You may want to add your own features to our plugins. You may want to add features to other plugins.

Or you may even want to connect your website to external solutions like CRM, POS software ...

For all these needs, we can develop the right solution for you.