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WooCustomAccount|Custom My Account Page for WooCommerce

Features|Enhance your customers' experience

WooCommerce is a bit restrictive when it comes to the "My Account" page. No possibility to add your own tabs, widgets and shortcodes. This is now possible with this useful and lightweight plugin.

  • Add your own "My Account" Tabs
  • Create your pages, add the content you want, including widgets and shortcodes
  • Reorganize you custom tabs, add or delete them easily.
  • Name the tabs and select the url shown to your customers
  • Set roles restrictions to your tabs to show them only to the right persons
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • World Class Support

Setup|Easy to configure

Create the pages you want to display on the My Account page like any other page of your website

Edit your page like any other page

Then, simply add these pages in the My Account page by using the WooCustomAccount plugin :

Create the new my-account tab in the plugin

That's it. Your customers now have access to the new tabs in their account page.

Role Restrictions|Control who has access

If you want to restrict some tabs to specific user roles, that's also possible with WooCustomAccount. When you create a new Tab, simply select the user roles allowed to see that Tab :

That's as simple as that. Users who don't have at least one of the listed roles won't see the restricted Tab.

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18 July 2023

FAQ|We answer your questions

If you have questions about the plugin or its possibilities, feel free to send an email to with your questions and we'll answer you as soon as possible.

No, you can't. However, we offer a 14 days refund policy, no questions asked. If your purchase doesn't suit your needs, we'll refund it.