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Registration Codes|Give specific user roles upon registration

Features|Registration Codes and Roles

Registration Codes is a simple yet very useful plugin for your WordPress/WooCommerce website. It lets you add a new field to your registration forms. In this field, customers can enter a code that will give them a specific role when they register. In addition, you can prevent people from creating an account if they don't have a registration code.

The registration codes plugin offers the following features:

  • Create codes that new users can use when they create an account
  • Associate a role to a code. Users get this role upon registration
  • Prevent users from creating an account without a code
  • Create as many codes as you want
  • Add registration code fields to WordPress' registration form
  • Custom registration form shortcode
  • Add registration code fields to WooCommerce's "My Account" registration form
  • Add registration code fields to WooCommerce's checkout page
  • See the registration codes history and who used them
  • Set automatic codes length and pattern
  • Activate or deactivate codes
  • Send registration emails

Registration Codes|Create as many as you want

In your website's administration, you can see all your registration codes and their current status

Registration Codes List

In addition to the codes list, you can activate and deactivate them with a simple click. You can also see a code's history by clicking its usage count.

Finally, there are different filters that will help you find the codes you want.

Registration Form|Add a custom registration form to your website

With this plugin, you can add the registration code field in standard WordPress and WooCommerce registration forms. However, it also provides its own registration form that you can display where you want on your website.

Registration Form

Select the registration fields you want to display and some other options and you're set. All you have to do is use the registration form shortcode on one of your pages.

Play Together|Combine it with WooVIP or WooRewards

We design all our plugins to work together and add features to each other. The registration codes plugin is not different. If you combine it with other plugins, you'll have access to new powerful features

WooVIP|Let your members offer temporary memberships

WooVIP is a very complete membership plugin. And you can enhance it with the registration codes plugin. In fact, the combination of these 2 plugins will help you promote your memberships. Let your members offer temporary memberships to their friends.

Create membership registration codes

Set at which frequency they can generate new registration codes, what membership these codes give and for how long. And your members will become your ambassadors. They'll offer their friends a temporary membership. Not only will it grow your customers base, it will also let you promote your memberships perks.

WooRewards|Give points when for using a registration code

WooRewards is the most powerful loyalty plugin that exists for WooCommerce. By default, it lets you give points when users register. However, if you combine it with this plugin, you will get the possibility to reward new users with a different amount of points depending on the registration code they used.

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