Easy and powerful shop wallet

WooVirtualWallet is a powerful wallet plugin for WooCommerce. With its 2 unique modes, it gives you the possibility to set up the perfect wallet for your shop :

  • Standard Mode :

    • Uses your website currency
    • Partial or full payment
    • Product Cashback
    • Order refund
  • Gems Mode :

    • Use your own currency
    • New types of WooCommerce products sold in your currency
    • Use gems to get immediate discounts on regular orders
    • Orders can mix the default currency and the gems currency
  • Gift Cards (soon)
  • Presentation widgets and shortcodes
  • Intuitive interface

Standard mode : The regular wallet

WooVirtualWallet's standard mode offers the following features :

Payment Gateway - Activate a new payment gateway for WooCommerce. This new gateway will be presented along other gateways on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Partial Payment - If customers don't have enough money on their wallet, they can use the partial payment to deduce the amount they want from the order's total.

PRODUCT RULES - WooVirtualWallet gives you the opportunity to set product rules. You can either decide that a product must be bought with wallet money or that it can't be bought with wallet money at all.

PRODUCT CASHBACK - Sell Wallet Credit or simply give some cashback when customers buy products on your shop.

INFORMATION DISPLAY - WooVirtualWallet comes with a lot of widgets/shortcodes and other tools to display wallet balance, history and payment options.

ORDER REFUND - If customers paid partially or in full with the wallet, you can refund orders directly on the wallet.

WOOCOMMERCE SUBSCRIPTIONS -WooVirtualWallet is fully compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions and the wallet can be used to pay for subscriptions and subscriptions renewals.

Gems mode : Awesome possibilities

WooVirtualWallet's gems mode offers a totally new way to handle customers' virtual wallets :

Use your own currency - Set up a specific currency for the wallet. It can be diamonds, gems, points or whatever you want. You have total control over that currency.

Gems Products - Create simple or variable gems products that can only be purchased with the wallet. Customers can even mix regular and gems products in a single order.

Cart & Checkout - Cart and Checkout pages are handled automatically so that the correct amount of gems is deduced from the wallet. If customers don't have enough gems to buy a product, they simply can't add it to the cart.

Gems to discounts - If customers don't want to spend their gems on your gems products, you can also set up ways for them to use their gems directly on the cart to get discounts on regular orders.

INFORMATION DISPLAY - Like for the standard mode, you have a large number of tools at your disposal to display information to your customers.


Combine plugins to go even further

With WooVirtualWallet and WooRewards, you can create new ways to reward your customers. Instead of turning points into coupons, they earn Wallet Credit. Go even further and create a cashback program based on product categories !

By combining WooVirtualWallet and WooVIP, you can let your VIP customers earn wallet credit on dedicated product and/or categories.

With WooVirtualWallet, WooVIP and WooRewards, you can create an amazing gift shop.

Our Play Together program goes even further as all our plugins are not only compatible with a growing range of widely used plugins, but also adds new features to these plugins as well !

WooVirtualWallet Features

Wallet Payment


Let your customers fill their virtual wallet. They can then use their wallet money to pay for their orders, using partial payment or the payment gateway.

Product Cashback


You can give wallet money to customers when they buy specific products on your website. This will encourage them to come back and place more orders.

Gems Mode


Switch to the gems mode and create your very own currency. Sell that currency and sell products in that currency. You have total control.

Gift Cards


Let your customers send gift cards to their friends. They purchase a product and get a code their friends can use to get wallet credit.

Installation Wizard


WooVirtualWallet is easy to install and configure thanks to the installation wizard. Select the options you want and everything is done for you.

Wallet + Rewards


Combine WooRewards and WooVirtualWallet to reward your customers loyalty with wallet money. Instead of earning coupons, they can earn money they can use directly.

WooCommerce Integration


WooVirtualWallet is fully integrated with WooCommerce. It includes a new payment gateway, new product options and customers management.



WooVirtualWallet lets you customize everything that you show to your customers. Thanks to our StyGen tool, change the colors, fonts, borders and spacing. No coding knowledge required.

Widgets and shortcodes

Adaptive design

Use a large variety of widgets and shortcodes to display relevant information to your customers. All available widgets can be found on the documentation.



All our plugins are fully documented inside our documentation section. We keep our documentation up to date with the latest developments and features of our plugins.



Long Watch Studio has a growing community on Discord. You will find there our support team as well as other WooVirtualWallet users that will help you get the best of the plugin.


Call center

Enjoy our first class support. Our support is available 7 days a week. We give answers to support request within 24 hours.

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