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Virtual Wallet and Gift Cards for WooCommerce

The best of wallets and gift cards combined together

WooVirtualWallet is a powerful wallet and gift cards plugin for WooCommerce. With its 2 unique modes, it gives you the possibility to set up the perfect wallet for your shop :

  • Standard Mode :
    • Uses your website currency
    • Partial or full payment
    • Product Cashback
    • Order refund
  • Gems Mode :
    • Use your own currency
    • New types of WooCommerce products sold in your currency
    • Use gems to get immediate discounts on regular orders
    • Orders can mix the default currency and the gems currency
  • Gift Cards :
    • Can be used on both modes
    • Powerful display and emails customization
    • Simple or variable gift cards
    • Possibility to use a gift card to credit the wallet
    • Gift card expiration
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Presentation widgets and shortcodes
  • Intuitive interface
  • WooRewards Integration

Standard mode : The regular wallet

WooVirtualWallet's standard mode offers the following features :

Payment Gateway - Activate a new payment gateway for WooCommerce. This new gateway will be presented along other gateways on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Partial Payment - If customers don't have enough money on their wallet, they can use the partial payment to deduce the amount they want from the order's total.

PRODUCT RULES - WooVirtualWallet gives you the opportunity to set product rules. You can either decide that a product must be bought with wallet money or that it can't be bought with wallet money at all.

PRODUCT CASHBACK - Sell Wallet Credit or simply give some cashback when customers buy products on your shop.

INFORMATION DISPLAY - WooVirtualWallet comes with a lot of widgets/shortcodes and other tools to display wallet balance, history and payment options.

ORDER REFUND - If customers paid partially or in full with the wallet, you can refund orders directly on the wallet.

WOOCOMMERCE SUBSCRIPTIONS -WooVirtualWallet is fully compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions and the wallet can be used to pay for subscriptions and subscriptions renewals.

Gems mode : Create your own currency

WooVirtualWallet's gems mode offers a totally new way to handle customers' virtual wallets :

Use your own currency - Set up a specific currency for the wallet. It can be diamonds, gems, points or whatever you want. You have total control over that currency.

Gems Products - Create simple or variable gems products that can only be purchased with the wallet. Customers can even mix regular and gems products in a single order.

Cart & Checkout - Cart and Checkout pages are handled automatically so that the correct amount of gems is deduced from the wallet. If customers don't have enough gems to buy a product, they simply can't add it to the cart.

Gems to discounts - If customers don't want to spend their gems on your gems products, you can also set up ways for them to use their gems directly on the cart to get discounts on regular orders.

INFORMATION DISPLAY - Like for the standard mode, you have a large number of tools at your disposal to display information to your customers.

Enhanced GIft Cards

WooVirtualWallet provides an enhanced gift card feature. Sell gift cards that your customers can offer to their friends or family. Gift cards are highly customizable.

Incentivize gift cards owners to create an account on your website with WooVirtualWallet's gift cards. With an account, they can credit the gift card value directly on their wallet ! Instead of using the gift card as a one time coupon, they can credit their wallet and use the amount on multiple orders, increasing their loyalty to your website.

All these features are included for the gift cards :

  • Simple or variable gift cards
  • Standard or Gems gift cards
  • Can be used as a one time coupon
  • Can be used to credit the wallet
  • Unused gift card amount can be added to the customer's wallet
  • Directly sent to the recipient
  • Customizable images
  • Customized email title
  • Sender message and signature
  • Delayed sending
  • Expiration period
  • Possibility to refund on expiration
  • Optional refund fee

WooVirtualWallet also provides a complete gift cards interface to see all gift cards generated on your website.

You can edit, delete or create new gift cards directly from the back-end.

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WooRewards + WooirtualWallet
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Combine the plugins

Our plugins are designed to work together and add new features to each other.

If you combine WooVirtualWallet and WooVIP, you can let your VIP members earn cashback on their wallet, set on products or on product categories.

Combine WooVirtualWallet and WooRewards to reward your customers with wallet credit or wallet gems. Create a gift shop with dedicated products where customers can spend their wallet credit or gems.

Features in detail

You will see below a list of all WooVirtualWallet features. There's a lot of them so we did regroup them into several sections. WooVirtualWallet is fully compatible with WPML and can also be translated by using Loco Translate.

  • Standard Wallet
    • Sell Wallet Money
    • Prevent credit purchase with wallet
    • Restrict products to wallet purchase
    • Product Cashback
    • Payment Gateway
    • Partial Payment
    • Limit payment to cart %
    • Add a lower cart limit for payment
    • Pay shipping fees
    • Pay charges and fees
    • Pay subscriptions and renewals
    • Configurable Gateway
    • Order Refund
  • Gems Wallet
    • Create your own currency
    • Simple Gems Products
    • Variable Gems Products
    • Sell Gems
    • Convert gems into cart discounts
    • Gems Cashback
    • Order refunds
  • Customers Management
    • Add/Subtract Wallet credit
    • See wallet history
    • Export excel data
  • Gift Cards
    • Simple gift cards
    • Variable gift cards
    • Standard money gift cards
    • Gems gift cards
    • Credit to wallet
    • Custom images
    • Set a message
    • Set a title
    • Set a signature
    • Delayed sending
    • Gift card expiration
    • Gift card refund
    • Optional refund fee
  • WooCommerce Integration
    • Cart Partial Payment Tool
    • Checkout Partial Payment Tool
    • Checkout Payment Gateway
    • Gems Cart Total
    • Gems to discounts on cart
    • My Account Wallet Tab
  • Widgets
    • Wallet Balance
    • Wallet History
    • Wallet Balance on Menus
  • Shortcodes
    • Simple Wallet Balance
    • Wallet Balance
    • Wallet History
    • Gems Cart Total
    • Gems to Discount
    • Wallet Menu Balancey
    • Partial Payment Tool
    • Maximum Wallet Amount on Cart
    • Minimum Wallet Amount on Cart
  • Other features
    • New order email wallet info
    • Status for order refund
  • WooVirtualWallet + WooVIP
    • Members Cashback
    • Restrict wallet to members
  • WooRewards + WooVirtualWallet
    • Wallet credit reward
    • Wallet gems reward
    • Automatic points conversion
  • Plugin compatibility
    • WPML
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions
    • Elementor / Beaver Builder
  • Languages
    • English
    • French