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WooRewards is available in the following languages :

WooRewards is also compatible with WPML for your multilingual sites.

Get your loyalty program to the next level

WooRewards 3 establishes a new standard in loyalty programs for WooCommerce. It is intuitive, exhaustive and fun for your customers. New features are added every month to ensure that WooRewards always suits your needs :

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Create as many loyalty programs as you want
  • Many ways for your customers to earn loyalty points
  • Large variety of rewards
  • Temporary loyalty systems and/or rewards
  • Lots of widgets and shortcodes
  • Customizable emails

As always, our plugins are up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce to take benefit of the latest tools available.

WooRewards has more features than any other loyalty plugin for WooCommerce.

Happy and loyal customers = more revenue

You want customers to come back to your website as often as possible. It means that you need to either entertain them or encourage them through special operations. WooRewards gives you both options.

WooRewards lets you engage with your customers in a fun and unique way. From sponsorship to mini-games or simply by spending money, your customers will have many ways to interact with your website.

You can then reward them with simple discounts, free shipping or free products or go further and engage them in a multi-level loyalty program.

With WooRewards, you’ll have all the tools to build a special relationship with your customers.

Let the Wizard be your guide

WooRewards has a unique feature to guide you through the creation of your loyalty program : The Wizard. With a growing range of prefabricated loyalty systems, all you have to do is follow the guide. Select the feature you want to add, follow the wizard steps and voilà, your loyalty program is set.

Prefabricated loyalty systems range from special events such as Christmas, Black Friday or Easter to more in-depth systems like a bronze-silver-gold leveling system. Each wizard has its own difficulty level and time needed information. You can choose to create simple systems or create more elaborate ones, but, with the Wizard, you'll never get lost in the process.

We also add new wizards on a regular basis to give you new ways to easily entertain your customers.

The Wizard is the perfect tool to ease your work when you decide to create or expand your loyalty program.

Advertise your customers

It’s important to communicate with your customers about your loyalty program. That’s why WooRewards offers a wide variety of tools to help you do it.

First, WooRewards fully integrates within WooCommerce. Add information in new "My Account" tabs, show points about to be earned on product pages or available rewards on the cart page. Everything can be customized at will.

Second, WooRewards provides a large variety of Widgets and Shortcodes that you can put on your pages to inform your customers about the points they have, the rewards they can get or how they can earn points.

Finally, WooRewards comes with a set of emails that will be sent to your customers when needed. New reward, sponsorship, achievements or rewards expiry are some examples of the available emails. All emails can be customized in our dedicated tool.

Let your users pay with points ?

With WooRewards and WooVirtualWallet, you can automatically transform points into wallet money. Customers can then use that money to pay for orders, partially or in full.

By combining WooRewards and WooVIP, you can let your customers earn VIP Memberships that give them access to special discount rules or to otherwise hidden content.

With WooVirtualWallet, WooVIP and WooRewards, you can create an amazing gift shop.

Our Play Together program goes even further as all our plugins are not only compatible with a growing range of widely used plugins, but also adds new features to these plugins as well !

Trust our customers

Our customers are invited to review our solutions on an independent website. It means that you can trust the reviews published here and verify their authenticity at any time.

1 Anonymous (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
Very good and easy to use
2 baby (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
woorewards offer features that no other plugin in the market can give. It is comprehensive and support REST API for future mobile apps development! Keep up the great work!
3 Peter (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
4 Razvan A. (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
This plugin does exactly what I wanted and I’m very happy how it works on my site. The support does a great job and helped me when I had a request with a small change.
5 Jessica B. (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
Works great for what I need! So many features above and beyond what I needed.
6 Cenk IMREN (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
I’ve purchased this plugin for my custumers e-commerce shop. Overall, the plugin does the job quite good. But Admin UI could be better. Also it would be nice to have styling options on panel instead css overwriting

WooRewards is available in the following languages :

WooRewards is also compatible with WPML for your multilingual sites.

WooRewards Features

Loyalty Systems


Create as many loyalty systems as you want with WooRewards. Let your customers earn points that they can spend to unlock rewards.

Leveling Systems


With WooRewards, you can also create leveling systems where customers gain access to new levels and unlock all the corresponding rewards.



Create temporary loyalty systems to celebrate events, holidays or simply create special offers limited in time.

Earn Points


WooRewards offers more than 15 methods to earn points. With that many choices, you’ll never run out of ideas.



Rewards for your customers can vary from a simple discount to a free product. You can even offer a user role which gives access to another loyalty system.

Badges & Achievements


Set achievements for your customers and reward them with awesome badges ! Those badges can give access to other rewards.



Reward your customers when they sponsor new customers. 3 different sponsorship methods. Possibility to reward them for each sponsored order.

Social Medias


Give points when customers share your content on social medias or when people come from the shared links. You can also enable sponsorship with social medias.



Use the wizard tool to quickly create new loyalty systems. Choose a scenario, select the options you want and everything will be generated automatically.

WooCommerce Integration


WooRewards Pro is fully integrated within WooCommerce. Add information in product, cart and my account pages. More information in our documentation.

Widgets and shortcodes

Adaptive design

Use a large variety of widgets and shortcodes to display relevant information to your customers. All available widgets can be found on the documentation.



WooRewards lets you customize everything that you show to your customers. Thanks to our StyGen tool, change the colors, fonts, borders and spacing. No coding knowledge required.


Cloud computing

You need to connect WooRewards with a third party software or a mobile application ? No problem. With our dedicated API, you can give points, unlock rewards and more.



All our plugins are fully documented inside our documentation section. We keep our documentation up to date with the latest developments and features of our plugins.



Long Watch Studio has a growing community on Discord. You will find there our support team as well as other WooRewards users that will help you get the best of the plugin.


Call center

Enjoy our first class support. Our support is available 7days a week. We give answers to support request within 24 hours.

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All WooRewards Pro Features | 1 License / 3 activations | Permanent License
1 year of maintenance and updates included | Optional annual maintenance renewal : 35
WooRewards & WooVIP Bundle
WooRewards Pro & WooVIP Pro Licenses | 1 License / 3 activations for each plugin
1 Year of maintenance and updates included
WooVirtualWallet & WooRewards Bundle
WooVirtualWallet Pro & WooRewards Pro Licenses | 1 License / 3 activations for each plugin
1 Year of maintenance and updates included
WooVirtualWallet & WooRewards & WooVIP Bundle
WooVirtualWallet Pro, WooRewards Pro & WooVIP Pro Licenses | 1 License / 3 activations for each plugin
1 Year of maintenance and updates included
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