Add/Subtract Points
Add/Subtract Points

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This documentation is for the WooRewards plugin

Use this API route to add/subtract points to a user in a points reserve used by a points and rewards system. It requires only the user writing permission.

That operation can unlock a reward if the points and rewards system is configured to do so and the user sums enough points. In that case, points can be consumed at the same time. The response contains the final point amount.


Available parameters

  • user_email : (string) – A user email.
  • pool_id : (string) – A points and rewards system identifier as obtained from a previous API route.
  • points_to_add_or_subtract : (int) – The amount of points to add to the user in the points reserve. Set a minus sign before the value to remove points.
  • reason : (string) – The description of why the points are added/subtracted


The JSON response is a status object. That object contains at least the following properties:

  • id : The points and rewards system identifier as set in the parameters.
  • points : The identifier of the points reserve (since several points and rewards systems can share the same points pool).
  • value : The new user points amount in this points reserve.
  • rewards : The unlocked reward count. Will be 0 if no reward was unlocked after point addition.

Error cases

A 404 error is raised if the points and rewards system identifier cannot be found.

A 404 error is raised if the user cannot be found by email.

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