Recurrent Visit
Recurrent Visit

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The Recurrent Visit action rewards customers with a fixed amount of points when they regularly visit your website.

Customer visit
The customer visits your website
Visit check
WooRewards checks if the cooldown time is over regarding the previous visit
Points distribution
WooRewards gives the points if the visit is valid

Use this action if you update your website often with new products or sales.

Set up the action

To add this customer action, you first need to create a points and rewards system. If you haven’t already, please create one by following this part of the documentation.

Now that you are in the points and rewards system edition, do the following

Follow these steps

Points Group
Click Add
Select Recurrent Visit
Click Next

In the popup, you’ll see some options. Let’s detail them below so that you understand how to use them.

Action to perform

  • Action title : Name of the action. Your customers will see this information on various places. You can rename it how you want.
  • Priority : This option is only useful for developers, you shouldn’t touch this value.

Points settings

  • Earned points : The amount of points they will earn for visiting the website.
  • Cooldown : Cooldown between 2 visits that will give points.


  • Pages : Select the pages that gives points. Keep empty to accept all.
  • Relative or absolute URLs : Here you can define specific URLs that will trigger the points

Set all the options you need and click the Save button when you’re done.

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