MC4WP Mailchimp subscription
MC4WP Mailchimp subscription

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This FREE add-on allows you to give points to customers when they subscribe to your newsletter.

This add-on only works if you use MC4WP Mailchimp Plugin. It won’t work with other newsletter plugins


First you need to download and install the Add-On. Go to the following page:

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
MC4WP Newsletter Subscription

Click the Download link to download the plugin’s zip file. Once you have the file, do the following:

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Add New
Upload Plugin

Select your zip file and upload it. At the end of the process, click on Activate.


Now that the Add-On is active, you can set it up inside your points and rewards system. As usual, go to this page :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Points and Rewards

Now that you are in the points and rewards system edition, do the following

Follow these steps

Points Group
Click Add
Select Website
Select Mailchimp Newsletter Subscription

In the popup, you’ll see different options. Let’s detail them below so that you understand how to use them.

Action to perform

  • Action title : Name of the action. This information will be displayed to your customers. You can rename it how you want.

Points settings

  • Earned points : The amount of points earned when the user clicks on the image.


  • Remove points on unsubscription : Customers will lose the points they earned when they unsubscribe from the newsletter


If you check the Remove points on unsubscription box, users will earn points every time they subscribe to the newsletter and lose points every time they unsubscribe.

If you don’t check the box, users will only earn points for the first newsletter subscription. They can unsubscribe and resubscribe as many times they want, they won’t earn points twice.

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