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MyRewards offers different features to manage your customers and loyalty data. You will find all these featurs by going to the following page :

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Data Management

Give points for past orders

When installing MyRewards for the first time, you may want to give points for orders placed before. In order to do that, MyRewards includes a feature that will let you process past orders and give points for them.


Before running the script, you need to have an active Loyalty Program. If you didn’t set one, please do by running the Wizard. Make sure the program is active before proceeding.

The process can take some time, depending on the number of orders to process. We recommend to use it multiple times on small periods (1 month) instead of running it for the total period.

This procedure can lead to thousand of reward emails being sent ! Please consider disabling the reward emails if you think it might overload your server.

The script will only give points for orders once. If you run the script again, points won’t be given a second time.

Process Past Orders

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Data Management

Enter a Start date, an End date and click on Launch the procedure. Please note it is better to process orders by small chunk. A warning will appear. If you agree with the warning, check the box and click the button again.

At the end of the process, the system will tell you how many orders were processed.

Alternative method

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry

Check the box at left of the orders to process. In the Bulk Actions drop-list, pick Process MyRewards Points. Then, press the Apply button.

Please note that points will not be given twice even if the same order is processed multiple times.

Points Import and Export

Export points from WooRewards

This will let you export your customers points into a JSON file. You can find details about the JSON format down below.

Select the desired points and rewards system and click on Export.

It will generate a JSON file containing all users and their points. You can open this file into Excel or import it to another points and rewards system in WooRewards.

Export points from other plugins

If you want to migrate from another loyalty plugin to WooRewards, it is also possible.

In the Export from other plugins group, select the Loyalty Plugin for which you want to export the points and click on Export.

It will generate a JSON file containing all users and their points. You can open this file into Excel or import it on a points and rewards system in WooRewards.


Currently, the export points from other plugins supports the following plugins :

  • 1 : HostPlugin
  • 2 : IgniteWoo
  • 3 : myCred
  • 4 : Sumo
  • 5 : WooCommerce points and Rewards
  • 6 : Yith points and rewards
  • 7 : Points and Rewards for WooCommerce (by WP Swings)
  • 8 : Loyalty Program (by Rymera)

If your plugin isn’t in the list, contact us so that we can add it.

Import points

To import points in a points and rewards system, go to the Import Points group.

Select the points and rewards system for which you want to import points, the JSON file containing the points (previously exported) using the Browse button and click on Import.

Other settings are available :

  • Round imported points : Select the desired round system applied. WooRewards only allows integer points.
  • Multiply imported points by : By default, it counts 1 point importer = 1 WooRewards point. You can set another multiplier if needed.
  • Import Mode : Select either Replace customers points or Add points to customers totals.

JSON File format

You can create your own JSON file to import points into WooRewards. The file must have the .json extension and have a content that looks like this :


If you have a CSV file, you must convert it first into a json file. You can do it by using specific services like

Delete data

WooRewards stores a lot of data in your database and you might want to delete that data.

If you want to do so, go to the Delete all data group.

This operation will delete all MyRewards related data. Use this feature with care since this action is irreversible.

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