Rewards Expiration
Rewards Expiration

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Customers will receive this email when a coupon they received is about to expire.

To customize this email, go to the following page :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Rewards Expiration Reminder

Set the following options :

  • Subject : The mail’s subject. Choose a title that will draw your customer’s attention.
  • Preheader : This short text (50-100 characters) is very useful. Most email clients will display this text right under the email subject before the recipient opens it. Therefore, it will help you to get your customer’s attention.
  • Days : Set how many days before coupons expiry the email will be sent. You can set multiple values, comma separated.
  • Styling Tool : Use the provided styling tool to customize the appearance of the email. You can modify some texts and add your own html code in some areas.

Under the email customization tool, you have the possibility to send a test email to the email address of your choice. Simply fill the email address and click on the Send test email button.

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