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General Settings

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In this section, we’ll cover the plugin’s general settings. These settings are important and you should set them up before proceeding with your loyalty program. If you’ve covered these settings in the initial setup section, you can jump to another page as you will find the same settings here.

General Settings

Begin by going to the following page :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
General Settings

In the first group, you’ll find the following options :

  • Coupon prefix : Set a prefix code that will be added on all coupon codes generated by WooRewards
  • Coupon code length : Set the length of the generated coupon code. The length comes in addition to the code prefix. Minimum length is 5.
  • Deep customer search : If you have troubles with searching in WooRewards Customers administration screen, disable this option. This will speed up the search but it will take less data into account.
  • Enable the leaderboard shortcode : If you enable this shortcode, a new option will be added to the user’s My Account page. The user will have the possibility to set if he/she accepts to appear on the leaderboard or not.
  • Show levels : Show user level information with its points in customers admin screen.
  • Show loading orders : You should leave this option to off unless told otherwise by our support

Birthday Settings

If you want to send a gift to your customers for their birthday, it’s possible with WooRewards. In addition to giving points, WooRewards also provides the necessary fields in the customers’ accounts. Simply toggle the options in that part

  • Display a birthday field in the ‘checkout’ page when the user register at the same time.
  • Display a birthday field in the ‘my account register’ page.
  • Display a birthday field in the ‘my account -> details’ page.
  • Display Debug information about birthday point earning in user backend profile.

Sponsorship & Referral Features

Referrals can be a big part of your loyalty program. Therefore, it’s important to decide which referral features you want to enable or not.

  • Enable Referrals : Check this option if you want to establish a permanent link between referrals and referrees. It means that all future referee actions can reward his referral, even if they don’t use a referral link or social share again.
  • Allow Referral via referral link : When a visitor comes from a referral link and registers, he will be referred by the user that posted the link.
  • Try to shorten the referral URL : Disable that feature if you encounter plugin conflicts or redirection problems. Enabling that feature makes more readable QR codes.
  • Alternative Short Site URL : To make the QR-Code as simple as possible, you can specify a shorter version of your site URL here that will be used as base for the image generation.
  • Allow referrals via social share : When a visitor comes from a link posted on a social network and registers, he will be referred by the user that shared the post.
  • Max sponsorships per customer : Set the maximum referrals allowed for users. No restriction on empty value or zero (0).
  • Email Sponsorship Reward : When customers use the email referral feature, you can send an immediate coupon to the email recipient.

Points settings

Next, to the following page :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Points and Rewards

In this group, you can set up various options regarding customer points :

  • Include taxes : Check this box if you want to include taxes in points calculation
  • Order status to earn points : Select the order status(es) that will distribute points.
  • Order status to remove points : If you cancel or refund order, you can set statuses here to remove points.
  • Enable multi currency support : Check this box if you have a multi-currency website and want to give different amount of points depending on the currency
  • Show Points Cooldown : Show to your customers the cooldown on the methods to earn points

Point Discounts Settings

If you want to let your customers use their points on the cart for immediate discount, the following options are important. Otherwise, you can skip this section.

  • Order status to consume points : Select for which order order status points used on the cart are removed from the customer’s account
  • Order status on points consumption failure : Change order status if points cannot be paid after all
  • Force ‘Points on Cart’ currency switch : Some multi-currency plugins don’t manage virtual coupons used by WooRewards even if it’s a standard WooCommerce feature. We can try to take over that missing feature

It’s now time to move on to the next section of basic settings. Go to the following page :

There, you find some more settings you need to set up before creating your loyalty program

  • Coupon prefix and length : If you plan on offering coupons as rewards, you can set a prefix and a code length. As a result, you’ll be able to easily sort woorewards coupons from other coupons.
  • Birthday Settings : If you want to use the birthday feature, check the appropriate boxes here.
  • Referral Features : Referrals can be a big part of your loyalty program. Therefore, activate the different options here if you want to use that feature.
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