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The Points on cart reward is very distinct from other kinds of rewards. Instead of unlocking rewards by spending their points, customers can spend their points directly on the cart for immediate discount.

You can only use the points on cart reward on standard points and rewards systems. You can’t use that reward on leveling systems.

Set up the reward

To add this reward, you first need to create a points and rewards system. If you haven’t already, please create one by following this part of the documentation.

Make sure the reward type is set to Points on Cart. After that, you will see the following options :

  • Point value : The value of 1 point in your website currency.
  • Min points usage : The minimum amount of points that can be used on a single cart
  • Max points usage : Set the maximum points that can be used on a single cart. Keep empty for no limit.
  • Max percentage of cart : If set, customers won’t be able to use their points to discount the cart more than the set percentage.
  • Lower Cart Limit : If set, customers can’t use their points to discount the cart below that limit.
  • Minimum Cart Amount : Set a minimum cart amount under which customers can’t use their points on the cart.
  • Product categories : If set, customers can only use points to discount products of the selected categories.

Cart and Checkout display

After setting up your points and rewards system, you should also display the points and cart tool on the cart and/or checkout page so that customers can spend their points.

In order to do that, go to the follwing page :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry

In this page, you’ll find 2 groups, one for the cart page and one for the checkout page. Choose the location you want and add the following shortcode :

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