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The Scheduler

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This add-on adds lets you schedule different actions on your points and rewards systems.

Purchase and Installation

First you need to download and install the Add-On. Go to the following page:

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
The Scheduler

Click the Add to Cart button. It will open a new tab in your browser. Proceed with the purchase. As a result, you will receive an email with a link to download the plugin’s zip file. Once you have the file, do the following:

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Add New
Upload Plugin

Select your zip file and upload it. At the end of the process, click on Activate.

Scheduled actions

Now that the add-on is active, it’s time to add your first scheduled action. Go to MyRewards → Scheduler. As a result, you’ll see a page with 2 different blocs, Scheduler and Settings.

Add a scheduled action

Click on the button Add a new loyalty system scheduled action to create a new scheduled action row.

  • Starts : Set the starting date of the scheduled action.
  • Ends : Set the ending date of the scheduled action.
  • Period : Define the running action frequency.
  • Name : Set the action’s name.
  • Loyalty system : Select the points and rewards system on which the action should be performed.
  • Action : Select the action to perform on the selected system.

The Information section will let you see the next Planned run and the Last Run.

Delete a scheduled action

To delete a scheduled action, simply click on the X right of the action. You will get a popup asking you Do you really want to delete this action?, click on OK.


Let’s see the different scheduled action you can use inside the add-on.

  • Turn ON a loyalty system : Enable a points and rewards system at a set date.
  • Turn OFF a loyalty system : Disable a points and rewards system at a set date.
  • Reset Points : Set the points to 0 for all users.
  • Reset Rewards and Levels : Remove rewards and levels for all users.
  • Reset Levels only : Remove levels for all users. It will let users unlock the levels again.
  • Check for Rewards : Unlocks the rewards for users.

Action priority

When you have several scheduled actions, it is important to know that the order matters.

Action are triggered in the order of the list, from top to bottom.

To help you reorder the scheduled actions, you have 2 different ways :

Click the arrow button to move the scheduled action in the arrow direction

Click the ‘=’ button and move to the desired position

The “Check For Rewards” specific action

If you plan to set some periodic challenges for your customer, you may want them to get the maximum amount of points during a set period. And, after that period, give them the best possible reward they can get. The scheduler add-on will help you to do it.

When installing the scheduler add-on, it also adds a new option in the points and rewards systems. You will find that option in the Advanced Settings.

Checking this option will remove customer’s ability to manually redeem a reward for this system. Instead, only scheduler actions will unlock them (use the Check For Rewards action).

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