Visitor clicks a social share
Visitor clicks a social share

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The Visitor clicks a social share action is used to give points to users when someone clicks on a link they shared.

Link creation
You create a social link
Click on the link
User clicks on the shared link
Points distribution
WooRewards validates the action and gives the points to the user

This method is useful because, unlike the social share method, it will only give points to users if they actually increase your traffic.

Set up the action

To add this customer action, you first need to create a points and rewards system. If you haven’t already, please create one by following this part of the documentation.

Now that you are in the points and rewards system edition, do the following

Follow these steps

Points Group
Click Add
Select Social Media
Select Visitor clicks a social share

In the popup, you’ll see a lot of options. Let’s detail them below so that you understand how to use them.

Action to perform

  • Action title : Name of the action. This information will be displayed to your customers. You can rename it how you want.

Points settings

  • Earned points : The amount of points earned when the visitor comes to your website.
  • Cooldown : Use this option to limit the number of times a user can earn points in a set period of time.


  • Social network : Select the social networks for which customers will receive points on visitor click.
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