WooRewards Documentation
WooRewards Documentation

MyRewards (Free Version)
This documentation covers all features of the free version of WooRewards
Getting Started
Learn how to install, activate and set up your first loyalty program
Complete tutorials to create simple or advanced loyalty programs
Get an overview of all WooRewards features and how the system works
WooCommerce Display
See how to display loyalty information on your website's WooCommerce pages
Configure emails sent to notify your customers about their loyalty activity
Developer Resources
Web Developers will find in this section a list of hooks they can use to add specific behaviors to WooRewards.
Play Together
See how WooRewards interacts with other plugins such as VIP Memberships or Virtual Wallet
Translations and WPML
Discover how to translate the plugin in your own language or use multiple languages with WPML
See a list of all versions changes and new features