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Customers Management

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You can access the customers management page by going here :

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
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Customers Points

On the customers tab, you can see a list of all your customers and their points. Use the search tool to find a specific customer.

You can also order the results by column or navigate through pages thanks to the controls above the list.

In the list, for each customer, you’ll see the following information :

  • Users : The user login, email address and display name
  • Points : The user’s current loyalty points. If you click on the points total, you can see a full points transaction history for that user.
  • Rewards : If the user earned coupons with MyRewards, you’ll see how many he has. Click the button to display WooCommerce’s coupons page with this user’s coupons.

Under the list, you can add or subtract points to your customers. Use the bulk selection to select for which customers you want to edit the points.

Enter one of the following values :

  • integer value : 25 for example. Adds points to the user.
  • Integer with a minus sign : -25 for example. Subtract points to the user
  • Integer with an equal sign : =25 for example. Set the points total to the desired value


On the referrals tab, you can see a list of all your referrers and their referees.

[lws_tooltip color=”orange” icon=”warning]
You will only see a line if the referrer earned points at least once for a specific referee.

The list presents the following information

  • Referrer : Login, Display Name and Email address of the referrer
  • Referee : Login, Display Name and Email address of the referee

In the free version, you can’t perform any action on your referrals.


Please note that your users do not need to register for the loyalty system. Users normally register on your website and automatically have access to the loyalty system.

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