Points History Excel Export
Points History Excel Export

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This FREE add-on allows you to export your customers’ points history to an excel file.


First you need to download and install the Add-On. Go to the following page:

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Points History Excel Export

Click the Download link to download the plugin’s zip file. Once you have the file, do the following:

WordPress Admin
Admin menu
Menu entry
Add New
Upload Plugin

Select your zip file and upload it. At the end of the process, click on Activate.

Excel Export

To export the points history, go to WooRewards → Customers. Under the customers list, you will see a new Customers points history export group.

You have several export options at your disposal :

  • Starting date : The exported data will start at this date (included). If you leave it empty, the export will start on the first history entry.
  • Ending date : The exported data will end at this date (included). If you leave it empty, the export will finish on the last history entry.
  • Customers : Export all customers at once or select a customer to export his data only.

Click on the Export button after setting the options. The system will generate an excel file that you can save on your hard drive.

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