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Custom Reward

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The Custom reward reward will let you give special gifts to your customers. In other words, you can use custom rewards to offer all types of rewards.

WooRewards has no control over these rewards and you need to give these rewards manually. When customers unlock that reward, you receive an email telling you they did with a reminder of what you need to do.

Set up the reward

To add this reward, you first need to create a points and rewards system. If you haven’t already, please create one by following this part of the documentation.

Now that you are in the points and rewards system edition, you can add the reward

Follow these steps

Rewards Group
Click Add
Select Miscellaneous
Select Custom Reward
Click Next

In the popup, you’ll see a few options.

Reward Information

  • Title : The reward’s title. It will be displayed to customers on various widgets, emails and WooCommerce pages.
  • Description : The reward’s description. It will be displayed to customers on various widgets and emails.
  • Featured image : The reward’s image. Customers will see this when they receive a new reward email or inside rewards widgets.

Reward Settings

  • Points needed : The points needed in order to unlock that reward. You won’t see that information in leveling points and rewards systems as this value is set directly inside the level.
  • Send Reward email : Decide if customers receive an email when they unlock that reward or not. The default value is Yes.
  • Max Redeems : Define how many times this reward can be redeemed by customers. Leave empty or set to 0 for no limit.


  • Administrator recipient : Who to inform by mail, if different than the administrator. Set none for no administrator email.
  • Todo : The message that will be included into the mail sent to the administrator about the custom reward unlocked.
  • Save a custom post : Save the reward instance as a custom WordPress Posts for later references.
    Read pending rewards list via the WordPress REST API routes /wp-json/wp/v2/lws_custom_reward.
    More information about WordPress API here.
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