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Free Add-Ons
Free Add-Ons

You can download the following Add-ons directly from the plugin's administration interface

The Newsletter Plugin Subscription
With this add-on, you can add points when your customers subscribe to your newsletter. This addon only works if you're using The Newsletter plugin.
MC4WP - Mailchimp plugin subscription
With this add-on, you can add points when your customers subscribe to your newsletter. This addon only works if you're using The MC4WP Mailchimp newsletter plugin.
Referral Information
This add-on adds a new page to WooRewards where you can view referrers and their referees on your website. Add or delete referrals. Excel export.
Points History Excel Export
This simple add-on will let you export your customers' points history to an excel file. You can select a specific user or all of them. Set an export period or export the total history.
Points for Coupon
This simple add-on will let you give points to customers when they use a coupon on an order. You can specify some elements of the code to only give points for specific ones.
Loyalty Program Count Limit
This free add-on allows you to automatically turn Off a points and rewards system after it gave points a set amount of times. Very easy to set up and use.
Settings Migration
Thanks to this free add-on, you can export your points and rewards systems settings and import them on another website. In addition, you can also export and import badges.

Premium Add-Ons
Premium Add-Ons

These Premium Add-Ons add features that will add new behaviors to your loyalty program.

The Scheduler
This add-on lets you schedule different actions on your points and rewards systems. Set up a new and innovative loyalty program with recurrent scheduled tasks.
Delayed and Recurring Points
With this add-on, you can set a delay before points are given. You also have the possibility to give points multiple times at regular intervals. This works for all methods to earn points.
Points Synchronization
This add-on adds lets you synchronize points between multiple websites using WooRewards.Use this add-on if you want to have a loyalty program that runs among several websites.
Subscriptions Coupon Reward
Offer WooCommerce Subscriptions Coupons as rewards with this add-on. Customers can use them to get discounts on signup fees and/or recurring payments.
Partial Order Refund
Offer partial refunds on their last order to your customers with this add-on. Useful on advanced programs using WooCommerce Subscriptions. See documentation for more information.

Monthly Subscription
11.90 / month
Lifetime License
Web Agency
249 / year