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VIP Membership plugin for WooCommerce

The ultimate VIP Membership plugin

WooVIP is the new reference for VIP and Membership plugins for WooCommerce. With its exhaustive features and its intuitive interface, it's the best companion to create your VIP Lounges. New features are added every month to ensure that WooVIP always suits your needs :

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Create as many VIP Lounges as you want
  • Define visibility rules for products, pages and posts
  • Tease your non VIP customers with visible but not buyable products
  • Define price rules for each VIP Lounge, either for product categories or by product
  • Sell VIP Memberships, limited in time or not
  • Full Wordpress Roles management tool

VIP Membership

Imagine a cosy space on your website. In this space, users can see special pages, posts or products. Better even, they can have special discounts for those products.

You also want to tease other users about this cosy space ? It's possible too. They will see a sweet 'Only for VIP' notice on all the products reserved for special customers.

And now, imagine that you can create as many of those spaces as you want, with different rules for each one. Welcome to WooVIP.

It works for all wordpress roles, meaning that you can use WooVIP for customers, readers, subscribers and any other kind of users.

Other features

Sometimes, you want to be very precise about what you want to show to your VIP Members. That's why all VIP Lounges rules can be overridden in a one by one basis. Products fixed price discounts and visibility, posts and pages visibility or show/hide shortcodes are abailable when you need them.

WooVIP also provides a full roles management interface. It means that you can grant your VIP users with extra permissions, like access to some specific areas of your back-end.

Membership is another feature proposed by WooVIP. If you don't want to attribute roles manually and want to sell VIP access instead, this feature is made for you.

If you want to sell VIP Membership to your customers, it's possible with WooVIP. Create a WooCommerce product and inside the "WooVIP Membership" tab and enter the membership parameters:

  • Decide which VIP Lounge the product will give access to.
  • Enter the duration of the membership. If no duration is entered, the Membership is not limited in time.

Selling Membership is really easy with WooVIP.

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(**) The plugin must be deactivated from all websites/domains. The refund request must happen before 14 days after the purchase.


WooRewards + WooVIP
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WooRewards + WooVIP + WooVirtualWallet
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Combine the plugins

Our plugins are designed to work together and add new features to each other.

If you combine WooVIP and WooVirtualWallet, you can let your VIP members earn cashback on their wallet, set on products or on product categories.

Combine WooVIP and WooRewards to reward your customers with permanent or temporary VIP Memberships. These memberships can give them access to new loyalty programs.

Features in detail

You will see below a list of all WooVIP features. There's a lot of them so we did regroup them into several sections. WooVIP is fully compatible with WPML and can also be translated by using Loco Translate.

  • Memberships
    • Create various memberships
    • Sell permanent memberships
    • Sell timed memberships
    • Pages visibility
    • Posts visibility
    • Products visibility
    • Limit products to members
    • Products members discounts
    • Products variations rules
    • Restrict content to members
    • Visibility by categories
    • Discounts by categories
    • Special Member Tag
  • Members
    • See members of each membership
    • Add permanent membership
    • Add timed membership
    • Remove membership
    • Manage members permissions
  • WooCommerce Integration
    • Tag in products lists
    • Tag in product page
    • Tag in product variation
    • Special price display
    • Customize the tag
  • Shortcodes
    • Teaser
    • Members Only
    • Membership Name
    • Membership Start Date
    • Membership End Date
    • Membership Remaining Days
  • Other features
    • Membership expiration email
    • Edit WordPress Roles
    • Edit Roles capabilities
    • Restricted pages redirection
    • Enable higher prices for members
  • WooVirtualWallet + WooVIP
    • Members Cashback
    • Restrict wallet to members
  • WooRewards + WooVirtualWallet
    • Wallet credit reward
    • Wallet gems reward
    • Automatic points conversion
  • Plugin compatibility
    • WPML
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions
    • Elementor / Beaver Builder
  • Languages
    • English
    • French