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WooRewards|Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

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Features|The most powerful points and rewards program

Loyalty programs are common on e-commerce stores and customers now expect them. This is why, if you want your loyalty program to be very impactful, you have to offer an engaging and rewarding loyalty program. WooRewards is different than other loyalty plugins. We built it to be both powerful and customizable. With it, you'll be able to achieve almost any type of loyalty program you can think of.

WooRewards offers more possibilities than any other points and rewards program for WooCommerce. As such, it will propose a lot of options. We provide a detailed documentation, wizards and a lot of tutorials. In addition, our professional team is also available to help you get the most of it and guide you through its possibilities.

Points|Engage your customers in various activities

With WooRewards, you can propose many ways for your customers to earn points. They can earn points for each dollar they spend, for purchasing certain products or for sponsoring new customers. With more than 20 actions that give points, you'll have a lot of possibilities to motivate your customers.

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ORDERS - Earn points when placing an order
Spend Money
Place an order
Place a first order
Buy Specific products
Buy in category
WEBSITE - Earn points when performing actions on the website
Product Review
User Registration
Post a comment
Publish a post
Click an image
Recurrent visit
Visit a post, page or URL
SOCIAL MEDIA - Earn points for social media actions


Share on social networks
Visitor clicks a social share
SPONSORSHIP/REFERRAL - Only sponsors/referrers will earn points with these
Send a sponsorship email
Sponsored spends money
Sponsored orders
Sponsored user registration
MISCELLANEOUS - Earn points for various reasons
Registration's anniversary
Unlock badges

With a full WooCommerce integration, you can show how many points a customer will earn on product pages or on the cart page.

Rewards|Find the adapted rewards for your customers

Most loyalty programs will let customers spend their points on the cart to get an immediate discount. This is also possible with WooRewards ! You will even have some extra options like the max cart percentage that can be discounted with points.

However, this kind of reward is a bit restrictive and WooRewards offers a lot more possibilities. WooCommerce coupons, free products, user role or title are some of the possibilities offered by WooRewards.

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COUPONS - Rewards that will generate WooCommerce Coupons
Fixed/Percentage discount
Free product
Free shipping
Variable discount
USER STATUS - Rewards that will change the user status on your website
User Role
User Title
MISCELLANEOUS - Other types of rewards
Custom reward
Generate points

Set a number of points needed for each reward and let customers choose how to spend their points. They will receive informative emails telling them what rewards they can get and how many points they need to unlock them.

In addition, display some valuable information to your customers with a large variety of widgets, shortcodes and WooCommerce integrations.

Referrals|Advanced Sponsorship Feature

Referrals and sponsorship grow to a new dimension with WooRewards. Your customers can easily bring their friends to your store thanks to the different tools available. They can use social media referral links, standard referral links, QR Codes or the good old fashioned sponsorship email.

However, this is only the first step. With WooRewards, you can turn the referral system into a real ambassador system. In fact, you can decide to reward referrers for the referred first orders or decide to got further and reward them for all money spent by their friends on your website. This will incentivize them to keep talking about your website's products.

And it goes even further ! With WooRewards leveling systems and points expiration, you can set periodic goals to achieve for your referrers/sponsors. The more their referred spend money, the higher the reward for them !

Systems|Create a unique combination

WooRewards gives you the unique possibility to mix several points and rewards systems that can work together or apart. What this means is that you can create a system that will give a discount on customers birthdays, another one that reward customers for spending money and a third one which is restricted to specific customers.

The possibilities are infinite and it can be quite hard to understand how to use multiple systems. But don't worry, there are plenty of tutorials in our documentation to help you get started. And if you need assistance, our support team is always available.

Details|An exhaustive features list

  • Actions to earn points
    • Place an order
    • Place a first order
    • Spend money
    • Buy specific products
    • Buy in category
    • Product review
    • Registration anniversary
    • User's Birthday
    • Click an image
    • Publish a post
    • Recurrent visit
    • User registers
    • Visit a post, page or url
    • Share on social networks
    • Visitor comes from a shared link
    • Sponsor a friend
    • Sponsored orders
    • Sponsored spends money
    • Sponsored user registration
    • Sponsored buys products
    • Sponsored buys in category
    • User unlocked badges
  • Rewards
    • Points to cart conversion
    • Fixed amount discount coupon
    • Percentage discount coupon
    • Variable discount coupon
    • Free products
    • Free shipping coupon
    • Badge
    • User title
    • User role
    • Custom reward
  • Loyalty Systems
    • As many as you want
    • Standard points and rewards
    • Leveling & memberships systems
    • Limited in time or permanent
    • Name your points currency
    • Restrict to specific roles
    • Turn On/Off
    • Set title
  • Expiration
    • Points expiration for inactivity
    • Periodical points expiration
    • Transactional points expiration
    • Rewards expiration
  • Customers Management
    • Points and transaction history
    • Filter customers by owned badges
    • Filter customers by points
    • Filter customers by acitvity period
    • Search customers
    • Add/Subtract Points
    • Add/Remove Badges
    • Offer/Confiscate rewards
  • Sponsorship
    • Email sponsorship
    • Sponsorship link
    • QR Code sponsorship
    • Social share sponsorship
  • Badges & Achievements
    • Infinite badges
    • Badges rarity
    • Achievements for repeating actions
    • Badge popup
  • WooCommerce Integration
    • My Account - Loyalty and Rewards
    • My Account - Badges
    • My Account - Achievements
    • Cart/Checkout - Use points for discount
    • Cart/Checkout - Owned coupons
    • Cart/Checkout - Available rewards
    • Product page - Earned points
    • Products list - Earned points
    • Cart/Checkout - Earned points
    • New order email information
    • Thank you page loyalty information
  • Shortcodes
    • Points Balance
    • How to earn points
    • Points Value
    • Points Expiration
    • Transactional Points Expiration
    • Points to next level
    • Possible Rewards
    • Available Rewards
    • Available Coupons
    • Progress Bar
    • User Level
    • Order Points Preview
    • Points on Cart Tool
    • Maximum Point amount on Cart
    • Product Points Preview
    • Badges
    • Achievements
    • Email Sponsorship
    • Sponsorship Link
    • Social Share
    • Points History
    • User Name and Title
    • User Nickname and Title
    • Conditional Display
    • Reward Button
  • Emails
    • Header and Footer
    • New reward
    • Achievement complete
    • Reward choice
    • Reward expiration reminder
    • Points expiration reminder
    • Sponsorship
  • Data management
    • Process past orders
    • Export points
    • Import points
    • Transfer points from other plugin
    • User permissions
    • Get loyalty program info
    • Get methods to earn points
    • Get rewards
    • Get user points
    • Add/Subtract points
    • Unlock a reward
  • Other features
    • Multi currency support
    • Points Formulas
    • Reward popup
    • Include/exclude taxes
    • Points priority
    • Order status for points
    • Birthday fields
    • Remove points on order refund
  • WooRewards + WooVIP
    • VIP Membership reward
    • Points for becoming VIP
    • Limit points and rewards to VIP
  • WooRewards + WooVirtualWallet
    • Wallet credit reward
    • Wallet gems reward
    • Automatic points conversion
  • Plugin compatibility
    • WPML
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions
    • Customer Reviews for WC
    • Elementor / Beaver Builder
    • Multi currency plugins
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Add-Ons|Extend the plugin with new features

Expand the plugin with new features thanks to our selection of free and premium add-ons

Bundles|Combine the plugins !

We design our plugins to work together and add features to each other. When you combine our plugins, not only do you have access to each plugin's powerful features, you also get access to extra features. Here's how you can enhance WooRewards with other plugins.

WooVIP is a feature rich membership plugin. Create and sell memberships to your customers. Memberships give access to specific products or contents as well as access to special discounts or free shipping. It goes even further with lots of display options for your members.
Extra Features
When WooRewards and WooVIP are both active on your website, new options will appear on WooRewards. Reward customers with permanent or temporary memberships. Create advanced leveling membership programs and engage your customers in innovative ways.
WooVirtualWallet is the most powerful wallet and gift cards plugin for WooCommerce. With its unique Gems mode, it allows you to create a gift shop with your own currency. You can sell gift cards that will be credited to the wallet when used. You will also find the standard wallet features like product cashback, partial payment and payment gateway.
Extra Features
Instead of rewarding your customers with points, start rewarding them with wallet credit, or, even better, with your own currency ! Create a gift shop on your website where your most loyal customers can spend their credit to buy exclusive products or goodies. Combine WooRewards and WooVirtualWallet to create awesome new possibilities.
Referral Codes
Referral Codes for WooCommerce is a simple and intuitive plugin that let your customers become referrals or ambassadors of your website and your products. They can share their code with their audience. When used, the code will reward both the referral and the referee.
Extra Features
With both WooRewards and Referral Codes, you can decide to reward your referrals with loyalty points instead of an immediate reward when their code is used. Create a more powerful referral program with long term objectives for your referrals. From referrals, they will become ambassadors.
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FAQ|We answer your questions

If you have questions about the plugin or its possibilities, feel free to send an email to with your questions and we'll answer you as soon as possible.

Yes you can. All our subscription plans start with a free month. It gives you plenty of time to test all the plugin's features and if you don't like it, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Yes it's possible. WooRewards includes a leveling system where customers can earn points for various actions and unlock several tiers with the according perks and rewards.
Yes they are. Lifetime licenses include both lifetime support and lifetime updates.
You can indeed reward your customers when they leave a product review. WooRewards is also compatible with the "Customer Reviews for WooCommerce" third party plugin for external reviews.
WooRewards is fully compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions. You can even give points for initial subscriptions and subscription renewals independently.
Yes you can. In addition, you can select more than one product to offer. When customers get to the cart, they can choose which product they want for free.

Reviews|What our customers think about it

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Shinyoung Cho (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
This plug-in can implement all the functions I want. It is easy to integrate with various rewards such as point accumulation systems, level systems, coupons, and other plug-ins using hooks.
Florian (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
Super Plugin
Daniel (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
Really Nice Plugin
Alexander Milton (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
This plugin has much better code and documentation than the MyCred plugin. MyCred has add-ons that are way too expensive, and custom development to connect multiple WordPress sites with mycred installed was nearly $2000USD, whereas Woorewards charged very little upfront for a lifetime license with no hidden fees
Mona Mansour (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
Sebastiaan Schumm (verified owner) -
Verified review
Verified review
Very nice amazing and very easy to use.