Play Together

What if your WordPress plugins worked together in order to create a whole new experience ?

That's the purpose of the Play Together program. Starting with our homemade plugins, we aim at creating a comprehensive, intuitive and powerful ecosystem within WordPress websites.

Discover what makes this program unique and what it can bring to your website.

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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Most WordPress / WooCommerce websites use dozens of plugins. In the end, it's all about having the desired features to achieve what the website owner wants.

But this approach raises several issues. First of all, more plugins means a heavier website. Then, each plugin brings its own set of features independantly of other plugins.

Of course, some plugins are compatible with each other. But what we do goes further than being compatible. We add features to other plugins, even plugins developed by other companies.

With plugins synergy in mind, combining two plugins brings new possibilities to each other. Combining three plugins brings a lot more possibilities. And it should be the same the more plugins you install.

WooRewards + WooVIP

Combine WooRewards and WooVIP to enhance your loyalty program.

Reward Customers with VIP Membership : VIP Membership, limited in time or not, is a new kind of reward available in WooRewards when you combine both plugins.

Create loyalty systems dedicated to VIP Members : Create VIP Lounges and restrict the use of Loyalty Systems to VIP members.

Give points to customers who buy a membership : Customers who buy a VIP Membership can also earn points for a Loyalty System.

wr + wv
wr + wvw
WooRewards + WooVirtualWallet

Put WooRewards and WooVirtualWallet together to offer a vast range of new possibilities :

Reward customers loyalty with wallet money : With new kind of rewards added to WooRewards, you will get the possibility to reward customers with money they can use on your web store.

Product categories cashback : While WooVirtualWallet lets you offer cashback on products, you can extend the feature by combining it with WooRewards in order to offer cashback on product categories.

Create a Loyalty Shop : With the Wallet possibility to create your own virtual currency and display prices in that currency, you're only one step away from creating a Loyalty Shop : Add WooRewards in the mix.

WooRewards + WooVirtualWallet + WooVIP

If you combine these 3 plugins together, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. The only limit is your imagination. Here's one of thousands different scenarios :

  • Create a Loyalty System that rewards customers with Diamonds (Wallet Currency).
  • With these Diamonds, customers can buy a VIP membership between 3 different possibilities.
  • One of the memberships gives them access to a Diamond Shop where they can buy products only with Diamonds.
  • Another VIP Membership gives them access to another Loyalty System where they can earn Diamonds twice as fast.
  • A third VIP Membership cuts all their access to Diamonds but gives them a permanent discount on your website.

That's only one of many possibilities you have when you combine these 3 plugins.


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Specific Development

Sometimes, your vision and needs are unique.

That's why our team can also realize specific developments for you. Whether you want to adapt our plugins to your specific needs or create a unique plugin only for you, we have the solution.

Through our development offers, you will find exactly what you're looking for.

specific development