The ultimate VIP and Membership plugin

The ultimate VIP and Membership plugin

WooVIP is the new reference for VIP and Membership plugins for WooCommerce. With its exhaustive features and its intuitive interface, it's the best companion to create your VIP Lounges. New features are added every month to ensure that WooVIP always suits your needs :

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Create as many VIP Lounges as you want
  • Define visibility rules for products, pages and posts
  • Tease your non VIP customers with visible but not buyable products
  • Define price rules for each VIP Lounge, either for product categories or by product
  • Sell VIP Memberships, limited in time or not
  • Full Wordpress Roles management tool

As always, our plugins are up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce to take benefit of the latest tools available.

VIP Lounges

Imagine a cosy space on your website. In this space, users can see special pages, posts or products. Better even, they can have special discounts for those products.

You also want to tease other users about this cosy space ? It's possible too. They will see a sweet 'Only for VIP' notice on all the products reserved for special customers.

And now, imagine that you can create as many of those spaces as you want, with different rules for each one. Welcome to WooVIP.

Each VIP Lounge has the following features :

  • Lounge Role : When you create a VIP Lounge, you have to name it. WooVIP will create the according wordpress role. You can then attribute that role to the users you want and give them this special access.
  • Beautiful Notices : By default, WooVIP will set a notice containing the name of the VIP Lounge on the exclusive products but you can set your own beautiful images if you want.
  • Product visibility by category : Select the product categories exclusive to the lounge users. All other uses and customers won't be able to see these products.
  • Purchasable products by category : Select the product categories that can only be bought by the lounge users. All other customers will still see the products, but won't be able to buy them and will see a notice indicating that these products are only purchasable by VIP users.
  • Product discounts by category : Set up percentage discounts of your lounge users. You can set different discounts for different categories. Prices will appear as if products are on sale, but with a VIP notice instead.

It works for all wordpress roles, meaning that you can use WooVIP for customers, readers, subscribers and any other kind of users.

One by one rules to be precise

Sometimes, you want to be very precise about what you want to show to your VIP Members. That's why all VIP Lounges rules can be overriden in a one by one basis :

  • Products fixed price discount
  • Products visibility
  • Purchasable products
  • Post visibility
  • Page visibility

WooVIP also provides a full roles management interface. It means that you can grant your VIP users with extra permissions, like access to some specific areas of your back-end.

What about Membership ?

Membership is another feature proposed by WooVIP. If you don't want to attribute roles manually and want to sell VIP access instead, this feature is made for you.

If you want to sell VIP Membership to your customers, it's possible with WooVIP. Create a WooCommerce product and inside the "WooVIP Membership" tab and enter the membership parameters:

  • Decide which VIP Lounge the product will give access to.
  • Enter the duration of the membership. If no duration is entered, the Membership is not limited in time.

Selling Membership is really easy with WooVIP.

WooVIP + WooRewards Combo

WooVIP is a standalone plugin. However, to reveal its full potential, it's best used with WooRewards, the most exhaustive loyalty and rewards program for WooCommerce.

With WooRewards, you can entertain your customers and reward them with a lot of different rewards, including VIP Membership.

WooVIP adds the following features to WooRewards :

  • New way to earn points : Become a member of a VIP Lounge.
  • New Rewards : Grant VIP Membership for a limited period of time.

Get the WooVIP+WooRewards bundle to offer a unique experience to your customers. An experience for which they will come back.

Help will always be given to those who ask for it 

Setting up VIP Lounges can be difficult, especially if you want to create multiple VIP areas with different rules. WooVIP offers infinite possibilities and it's up to you to set up the rules that will match your needs.

However, we work hard to make this setup as easy as possible. That's why we provide help when it's needed :

  • Intuitive and ergonomic interface : WooVIP is bundled with our clean and intuitive administration interface "LWS Admin Panel". Clean menus, well organized options and hierarchized information help you get to the settings you need faster and understand how they interact with each other.
  • Inline help and tooltips : Every group of options has its own inline help to give you hints on what they're used for. If a field is potentially unclear, they come with a tooltip to further explain is purpose.
  • Online Documentation : Available here.

As you can see, you'll never get lost. May you need a sword or a simple light, we give you all the help you ask for.


Choose your version


Choose your version
  • WooVIP Features
  • Restrict Post visibility to VIP
  • Restrict Page visibility to VIP
  • Restrict Product visibility to VIP
  • Product VIP Price
  • Assign VIP Role to users
  • Fully compatible with WPML
  • Shown but not buyable Product for customers
  • Infinite VIP Lounges
  • Product visibility rules by categories for VIP
  • Product percentage discount by categories for VIP
  • Purchasable only for VIP
  • Sell Membership
  • Roles Management
  • Menus visibility according to VIP Content
  • One year of premium support and updates
  • WooVIP + WooRewards features
  • Earn points when becoming VIP
  • Membership reward

(*) excluding taxes. The WooVIP PRO version consists of a one site licence, available indefinitely. Updates and support are included for 1 year. Beyond that period, you have the possibility to subscribe a maintenance contract.



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Pro Version

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WooVIP Pro


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WooRewards + WooVIP Bundle

Unleash the full potential of your website with the WooRewards & WooVIP bundle. Reward your customers with VIP Membership using all the interactions possible with WooRewards. Make you customers earn their way to your exclusive areas where they will be rewarded for they loyalty.

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