Guide|Get a Facebook Page Feed using Webhooks

Warning : Since version 10.0 of the Facebook API, the feed webhook is no longer working ! The following guide will only work if you’re using version 9.0 of the Facebook API. There’s an open ticket here for that problem, don’t hesitate to ask Facebook to solve it as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll see how to add the WebHooks Product to get a Facebook paged feed. However, before reading this guide, make sure that you connect your Facebook Page to your Facebook App.

To this end, you can read our Link a Facebook Page to a Facebook App guide.


1|Use the WebHooks to get a Facebook Page Feed


Now that your Facebook App and Page are linked, it is time to add the WebHooks product.

Go to the Facebook Developer’s Apps page. Select your App to open it. In the next page, go to the “Add Products to Your App” section and select the Webhooks product and click on Set Up.

On the new screen, select Page in the drop down menu and click on Subscribe to this object.

As a result, you will see a new popup window with 2 fields to set :

These 2 values come from your API. Put them here and click Verify and Save.

For WooRewards Users

If you use WooRewards, you will find these values in WooRewards → Features → Social Media → Facebook.


When this is done, go down in the list of options you can subscribe to. Find the Feed option and click on Subscribe.

Finally, your App is ready. It’s now time to install the App on your Page and give it access to the feed webhook.


2|Install your App on your Facebook Page


If you want to refer to the original Facebook Documentation, you will find it here.

In addition to setting up your app, you need to install it on your Facebook page. However, this is the most complicated part of the process, so we will see it step by step. Don’t hesitate to start again from the beginning if you missed a step.

First, you need to go to the Facebook’s Graph API Explorer :

On that page you’ll have to perform several tasks.

Follow these steps carefully :


  • Select your App in the Facebook App dropdown
  • Select Get User Access Token in the User or Page dropdown
  • Validate the different steps of the popup.
  • In the Permissions dropdown, select : pages_manage_metadata, pages_manage_posts, pages_read_engagement
  • Click the Generate Access Token button
  • Validate the different steps of the popup.
  • In the User or Page dropdown, go down to Page Access Token and select your Facebook page.

That’s over, you successfully set up your Webhooks product.


Now, let’s verify that your setup is correct and that the feed subscription is indeed active.

On the top request field, set the following request :

<your facebook page id>/subscribed_apps?subscribed_fields=feed

You should have saved your Facebook Page ID somewhere if you followed the entire guide.

Otherwise, read the following guide : Link your Facebook page to an app to know how to get it.

Finally, click on Submit. If everything was set up properly, you should see the following message :

If you don’t get this result, something went wrong. Retrace your steps and try again.

Thank you for reading this guide.

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