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Upgrade to Pro Version to enjoy these awesome features:

Multiple Rewards

Enhance your rewards on purchase program by setting multiple rewards. When a customer passes a new order, he receives a mail with the différent rewards available on your store.

According to the points he owns, he can choose to unlock a reward or wait to get more points to unlock a better reward.

  • Possibility to set multiple rewards
  • Rewards available at différent point levels
  • Customers choose their rewards

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Loyalty Program

The Pro Version contains an advanced Loyalty Program. Define Loyalty Levels and rewards earned for each new level.
Your customers have many ways to get loyalty points and reach new levels. They can sponsor new customers, review products they bought or simply buy on your store.
To get along with this new feature, we’ve added a bunch of new rewards. Free products, permanent coupons, titles or even custom rewards, you have total control.

  • New Loyalty system by levels
  • Many ways to earn loyalty points
  • New reward types
  • Complete sponsoring system

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Other features

We’ve added a lot of other features to make your life easier
Thanks to our style generator, embedded in our plugins, you can customize your emails with the look you want.Change the logo, colors, sizes, spacing or fonts and immediately preview the result of your modifications.
The reminder feature allows you to automatically send emails to your customers when their coupons are about to expire.
Multiple shortcodes have added, like a sponsoring form or a display of loyalty rewards.
With the advanced cart feature, your customers now see all their available coupons in the cart page of your store.

  • Stylable Emails (no knowledge required)
  • Reminder mail for soon to expire coupons
  • Multiples shortcodes
  • Enhanced cart vizualisation

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High Quality Support

By buying the Pro Version of a Long Watch Studio plugin, you benefit from ou team’s expertisew
We answer quickly to your questions, wether they concern a bug, a feature or a technical matter.
Our multidisciplinary team is at your side when you need it to help you get the better of our solutions

  • Support available 24h24, 7d/7
  • Answer in less than 24h
  • Help for the setup of our solutions
  • Full up-to-date documentation

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