Sell and protect your digital goods

Your products's bodyguard

WooSoftware is the most complete solution to sell, protect and manage your digital goods (softwares, plugins and documents). All your needs are covered within this plugin :

  • Sales : WooSoftware is designed to work with WooCommerce, the most used online store solution for WordPress.
  • Security : Protect your softwares , digital goods and documents with license keys. We provide a full detailed and documentend API to track and manage license activations of your products.
  • Management : With a complete maintenance management feature, versions management and upgradable products, you have all the tools you need to sell and manage your products.

Discover below in detail all the features of WooSoftware, THE solution for digital goods selling within WooCommerce.


The Licence is the Key

WooSoftware is, above all, a tool to protect your digital goods and softwares with license keys. For every product, you can define if a license key is required to make it work. When a customer buys one of your products, he automatically receives a license key, generated for him. All he has to do is to activate his copy to enjoy it.

We don't design your solutions, but we provide a complete REST API (A communication interface provided within the WooSoftware plugin), fully documented, which you will use to manage your license activations. When a customer activates his product, an activation request is sent to the API. It verifies that the request is correct, and, if it is, sends back an activation approval to your software. It also updates your website's database so that you can see activated licenses.

With WooSoftware, it's easy to protect your softwares and digital goods.

Maintenance of your solutions

Selling digital goods is often associated with maintenance fees. WooSoftware proposes a complete maintenance and updates feature.

Activate maintenance on a product (price, free period. As soon as a customer activates his copy of your software or digital good, his free maintenance period will start. A dedicated interface will allow you to follow active maintenances.

When a maintenance period arrives to its end, the customer is advised by email, proposing him to renew it. WooSoftware goes even further and gives your customers the possibility to unify their different maintenance periods.

Finally, maintenance, combined with versions management, allows your customers to download software updates only if they have an active maintenance. When the maintenance period has expired, they can no longer download new versions (They can still access and download their last valid version).


Versions management

You wish to propose multiple versions of your softwares ? It's possible thanks to the version management feature included in WooSoftware.

Simply check the appropriate box in your WooCommerce product and you'll be able to create as many versions as you want. For each version, you can define a version number, a release date, a version changelog and the downloadable files.

Files can be organised in different categories (by exploitation system for example) in order for your customers to easily find their downloads.

You can also plan software releases in advance by entering a release date in the future. Customers will have access to the new version only when the release date has been reached.

Extended functionalities

WooSoftware offers a lot of other features to ease your products's management :

  • Upgradable Products : You wish to propose trial versions of your softwares ? It's possible with the upgradable product feature.
  • Wordpress plugin sale : If you want to sell wordpress plugins, WooSoftware gives you access to specific fields and features which will help you do that.
  • Email Customization : All emails sent to your customers can be customized thanks to our style generator tool. You preview in real time the modifications made on emails.

WooSoftware in details


  • License key generation
  • License key customization by product
  • Rest API for product activation and management
  • Activation management and monitoring
  • Maintenance management
  • Maintenance renewal interface
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Versions management
  • Release Dates
  • Allowed downloads
  • Upgradable products
  • Wordpress Plugins Sales
  • Email customization
  • One year of premium support and updates

(*) including taxes. WooSoftware consists of a one site licence, available indefinitely. Updates and support are included for 1 year. Beyond that period, you have the possibility to subscribe a maintenance contract.

Trial Version

Free - 30 days

WooSoftware - Trial

Free - 30 days





WooSoftware - 5 Licenses

For agencies, we offer the possibility to buy 5 WooSoftware Licenses for the price of 2. You can install and activate the 5 licenses on as many websites. Each license has a one year support and updates included. The annual maintenance cost for each license is also reduced.

WooSoftware - 5 Licenses