Loyalty and Reward System for WooCommerce

Reward your customers loyalty

There are many ways to develop your customers loyalty. One of the most efficient methods to do it is to have a Reward System within your online store. Your customers receive rewards and discount when buying on your website.

With WooRewards, our loyalty system for WooCommerce, setting such a solution has never been easier. Define the number of points received on purchases, the number of points needed to get a gift coupon and this is it, you’re all set

Your customers will receive by mail all the informations needed to use their coupon, such as the coupon code, its value and its validity period.

There’s nothing more to do but to enjoy your new loyalty program. You can see and modify at any moment the points awarded to your customers and the coupons they received.


Simplified Administration

It is often hard to navigate through all the settings and parameters of WordPress Plugins. Each plugin has its own rules and tools, making it hard to jump from one to another. Most of the time, the plugin’s functionalities are difficult to understand, both by lacking documentation and by using developer specific terms.

In order to remedy to that problem, all our plugins use a stnadardized administration interface, called “LW Admin Panel”. This interface has been designed for you. It is easy to use and navigate. All functionalities are explained as you progress through the settings. We provide a full documentation for our plugins, accessible directly through the Admin Interface. You’re never lost and you quickly find the option or feature you’re looking for.

Customize your emails

Thanks to our style generator, embedded in our plugins, you can customize your emails with the look you want. Each template used by WooRewards can be customized in a dedicated style generator.

Change the logo, colors, sizes, spacing or fonts and immediately preview the result of your modifications. We made sure that the result is compatible with most mail clients, like gmail and hotmail.

Once you’re happy with the result, send yourself a test email to view the final result.


Extended functionalities

If you choose to buy the professional version, you will get extra features for your loyalty program.

First, you’ll get the possibility to set up two different programs that aim to reward your customers in different ways :

  • The Purchase System : Reward your customers when they buy on your online store.
  • The Loyalty System : This is a new program only available with the pro version. You can set up different loyalty levels for your customers. Each time they reach a new level, they unlock the rewards of your choosing.

In this new Loyalty Program, customers can be rewarded for various actions, not only by buying on your website :

  • Sponsoring : Reward both the Sponsor and the sponsored by giving points to the first, and a reward to the latter on his first command thanks to this new feature of your Loyalty Program. Sponsoring is an excellent way to attract new customers.
  • Rating : Reward the customers when they rate and comment on the products they bought on your website. It rewards them for their involvment but it also increase your referencement and the appeal for new customers

We also added a lot of new features, like a shortcode to present the loyalty levels to your customers, a reminder system for unused coupons or the email embedded reward choice.

WooRewards Pro is a complete, effective and easy to use reward and loyalty system for WooCommerce.


Purchase System

The Purchase Systemn is an evolution of the Woorewards Standard's reward system. It allows you to reward your customers when they order on your store.

Unlike in the standard version, you can set up multiple rewards in the pro version. You can choose between gift coupons, reduction coupons or free products. For each reward, you define the points needed to unlock. Customers who order will receive an email in which they can choose the reward they want to unlock, if they have enough point for it.

By default all products give points to your customers when they buy them. In the Pro version, you can choose which product categories award points to your customers.

Loyalty System

The Loyalty system is made to reward your customers for their involvment on your online store. They earn points in various ways, such as ordering, reviewing products or sponsoring new customers.

You define the different loyalty levels, and, for each level, the rewards it gives. Rewards can go from special title to permanent reductions or you can create your own customized rewards.


Rewards Visualization

WooRewards Pro is well integrated within WooCommerce, especially within the "My Account' interface.

A new "Loyalty and Rewards" Tab is embedded in the "My Account" panel which allow your customers to access all their WooRewards Information :

  • The "Purchase Points" total
  • The available rewards
  • The unlockable rewards (with a link to unlock them)
  • The "Loyalty Points" total
  • The list of loyalty levels and rewards

WooRewards Pro contains all the loyalty features you need.

Choose your version


  • Point System Settings
  • Coupon Settings
  • Automatic coupon generation
  • Configurable emails
  • Points and coupons visualisation
  • Points management
  • Points history
  • Customizable reminder system
  • Advanced cart
  • Points and rewards visualization in "My Account"
  • Multiple rewards
  • Loyalty levels system
  • Sponsoring
  • Pruduct rating
  • Loyalty rewards shortcode
  • Mail embedded rewards choice
  • Free product reward
  • Permanent discount reward
  • Free entry rewards
  • Special customer titles
  • Restrict points by product categories
  • One year of premium support and updates

(*) including taxes. The WooRewards PRO version consists of a one site licence, available indefinitely. Updates and support are included for 1 year. Beyond that period, you have the possibility to subscribe a maintenance contract.



WooRewards Standard


Pro - Trial

Free - 30 days

WooRewards Pro - Trial

Free - 30 Days

Pro Version

$80.00 (*)

WooRewards Pro


WooRewards Pro - 5 Licenses

For agencies, we offer the possibility to buy 5 WooRewards Pro Licenses with a 50 % global discount. You can install and activate the 5 licenses on as many websites. Each license has a one year support and updates included. The annual maintenance cost for each license is also reduced.

WooRewards Pro - 5 Licenses