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Adapt your currency to your customers

With WooCurrency, you can manage as many currencies as you want on your online store. Choose the currency in the currency list, choose the countries for which you want to use this currency and save your entry. That's it, you now sell in multiple currencies.

There's no currency limit, even in the Standard Version. The Pro Version, however, will allow you to go much further.

Your customers IP addresses are used to determine which country they're from and which currency to use. Currency change rates are recovered every day so that your prices are allways accurate. With the Pro Version, you can override the currency rate system.


Simplified Administration

It is often hard to navgate through all the settings and parameters of WordPress Plugins. Each plugin has its own rules and tools, making it hard to jump from one to another. Most of the time, the plugin’s functionalities are difficult to understand, both by lacking documentation and by using developer specific terms.

In order to remedy to that problem, all our plugins use a standardized administration interface, called “LWS Admin Panel”. This interface has been designed for you. It is easy to use and navigate. All functiunalities are explained as you progress through the settings. We provide a full documentation for our plugins, accessible directly through the Admin Interface. You’re never lost and you quickly find the option or feature you’re looking for.

Go further with the Pro Version

WooCurrency Pro adds many useful features to the standard version. First, when creating a new currency, WooCurrency will automatically select all the countries that have this currency. You can then add or remove countries from the list, according to your needs.

You will also be able to set specific rules for each of your WooCommerce products. For each currency set in the General settings, you will be have to choose between 3 options:

  • Use the standard rate change
  • Set a specific price for this product in this currency (both normal and discount prices)
  • Deny the selling of this product on this specific currency.

These options give you total control on what you sell and how.


Rates Settings & Price Shortcode

With WooCurrency Pro, you will also be able to see all the change rates used on your website. All the rates are relative to your base currency, chosen in WooCommerce.

Initially, WooCurrency considers that rates are accurate for 1 day and will update its rates every day. You can change that rule and choose how many days you wish to wait between two updates.

We provide a price shortcode with WooCurrency. It will allow you to show your products prices with the right currency wherever you want on your website. A documentation on how to use the shortcode is provided within WooCurrency administration interface.

Choose your version


  • Infinite currencies
  • Multiple countries per currency
  • Daily currency rates updates
  • Ipv4 and Ipv6 compatible
  • IP Testing
  • Currency price rounding
  • Currency price formatting
  • Automatic country selection
  • By product currency rules
  • Set direct currency prices in product
  • Deny product selling for specific currencies
  • Change rates vizualisation
  • Change rates update frequency
  • Price Shortcode
  • One year of premium support and updates

(*) including taxes. The WooCurrency PRO version consists of a one site licence, available indefinitely. Updates and support are included for 1 year. Beyond that period, you have the possibility to subscribe a maintenance contract.



WooCurrency Standard


Pro - Trial

Free - 30 days

WooCurrency Pro - Trial

Free - 30 days

Pro Version

$12.00 (*)

WooCurrency Pro

$12.00 (*)