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The User Plugin

The best login tool for your users

User connexion and registration

The User Plugin has been designed to make user connexion and/or registration to your website easier. Instead of using WordPress’s login form, you can allow them to connect using a specific page, a widget or even a menu.

The User Plugin goes even further. It offers you the possibility to redirect logged users to specific pages or URLs. You can add general rules, role based rules and even user based rules.

Our programmers pay extra attention to security when developing our plugins. The User Plugin is a professional quality plugin, that is not only easy to use and set, but is also secured against most malicious attacks.


Simplified Administration


It is often hard to navigate through all the settings and parameters of WordPress Plugins. Each plugin has its own rules and tools, making it hard to jump from one to another. Most of the time, the plugin’s functionalities are difficult to understand, both by lacking documentation and by using developer specific terms.

In order to remedy to that problem, all our plugins use a standardized administration interface, called “LW Admin Panel”. This interface has been designed for you. It is easy to use and navigate. All functionalities are explained as you progress through the settings. We provide a full documentation for our plugins, accessible directly through the Admin Interface. You’re never lost and you quickly find the option or feature you’re looking for.

Easily style your forms

When it comes to customizing the look of your website, most plugins require the knowledge of CSS stylesheets syntax. Here at Long Watch Studio, we are aware that many WordPress users have never used or learned how to use CSS Stylesheets. So we don’t ask them to. Instead, we have developed a style generator within our administration panel. With that tool, styling becomes child’s play.

Change colors, sizes, spaces or fonts on the fly and preview the result of your modifications. Once the result suits your needs, save the changes and use the appropriate shortcode to display beautiful forms to your users


Extended functionalities

We constantly extend our plugins with new features as our users ask for them. When you choose to use The User Plugin, you choose a solution that will continue to evolve and adapt to new versions of Wordpress. Here is a list of a some features we've added :

  • Activation : Ask new users to activate their account before they can fully benefit from their account.
  • Forgot Password : We've added a complete feature for users who have lost their password. They can request a mail which will allow them to create a new one.
  • Email Customization : Use our Style Generator to style the emails you send to your users when requesting a password change or an account activation.

Get in touch with us if you wish for new features to be added to The User Plugin.

Liste des fonctionnalités


  • User login and registration from a page
  • User login and logout from a widget
  • User login and logout from a menu
  • User redirection by Role or Id to a page or URL
  • Email to users after registration
  • Advanced form styling
  • Manage user account activation
  • Customize the "Lost Password" feature
  • Email customization

The User Plugin


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