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Our plugins make your life easier


We propose many plugins which allow you to take control of your website or online store. Loyalty and rewards, VIP Lounges or users management are some of our solutions, discover them.

Retain your customers thanks to our loyalty and rewards solution for WooCommerce. WooRewards offers many ways to reward your customers when they buy, sponsor a new customer or get involved with your online store.

WooVIP is the best plugin to create VIP Lounges on your website. Create exclusive areas with content only they can see for your customers and give them special discounts on your shop. You can also sell VIP Membership.


We design powerful solutions, based on the main solutions of the market. We guarantee our plugins continuity and flexibility by using worldwide established technologies, and we keep up to date with all improvements of these technologies.


All our solutions are designed for the CMS WordPress, the most used content management system.

Our products respect the development and security standards of WordPress. Also, all our free plugins are available in the plugin directory.


Our e-commerce plugins are designed for WooCommerce, the main e-commerce solution for WordPress. This means that all our e-commerce solutions can't work if you don't have WooCommerce.


We design our plugins with user experience in mind all the way. That's why our plugins are easy to use and understand. When you use one of our plugins, you're sure that you can make it work in no time.


All our plugins, paying or free, share a common administration interface : "LWS Admin Panel". This administration interface is designed to be easy to use and understand. When you use our plugins, you're sure to find easily the options you're looking for.


No need to have any knowledge of CSS or HTML coding to get the best of our plugins. We probide our style generator "StyGen" with all of our plugins.

It allows you to quickly style forms, emails, shortcodes or widgets. You can see the result in real time.


Behind the name "Long Watch Studio" is a team of people who work with love to create our solutions and help you achieve your goals with them.

When we develop a plugin, as well as when we make it evolve, a team meets together in order to find, together, the best way to go.

Thanks to these pluridisciplinary meetings, we offer you the best possible experience.

We provide you with a support accessible 24/7. If you use our support, you'll allways get an answer within 24 hours. Our team's expertise will help you quickly solve the problems you might have.

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