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WooCommerce My Account

This documentation is for the WooVirtualWallet plugin

WooVirtualWallet provides an element that you can add to your WooCommerce My Account page.

My Account page

You have the possibility to add a new tab on WooCommerce’s My Account page displaying wallet information.

To set up the My Account Tab display, go to WooVirtualWallet → Appearance → WooCommerce → My Account Tab.

There are some options you can set in that part :

  • Wallet balance tab enabled : Decide if you want to show the wallet tab in WooCommerce’s My Account page.
  • Wallet balance tab title : Name the tab entry point.
  • Endpoint Slug : By default, the used slug will be lws_wallet. You can change the endpoint slug here.
  • Enabled Export Button : If checked, the Excel Export button will be displayed.
  • Styling : Edit the style and look of the wallet My Account Tab.
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