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Wallet Settings

Before going to the detailed wallet settings, it’s best to run the initial wizard to setup basic features.

Configuration Wizard

Running the configuration wizard it essential to enable the features you want for your virtual wallet. You can access the wizard by going to WooVirtualWallet → Wizard in your WordPress Administration.
The first screen will let you decide which mode you want to use. Select “Standard Wallet using the shop currency“. You will then access to following screen :

Here, you can change the default settings of WooVirtualWallet. You can change these settings at any time by going to the plugin’s administration panel.

  • Payment Gateway : If turned ON, customers will have the possibility to use the wallet as a standard payment method, alongside your other methods such as Credit Card or Paypal.
  • Partial Payment : If turned ON, you can offer the possibility to customers to pay their order partially with their wallet credit. Payment can be made either on the cart or the checkout page.
  • Shipping Fees : Enable this option if you want to allow customers to pay shipping fees with their wallet credit.
The payment gateway is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions and can be used to pay for subscriptions and renewals.
Once you’ve selected the desired options, click on “Next” and review your settings. Once the settings are correct, validate the Wizard to finish the initial set up and get access to the plugin’s administration.

Wallet Rules

Define the general working rules of the wallet. Some rules can be overridden in the products settings.
Access the wallet rules by going to WooVirtualWallet → Settings.

Here are the different rules that you can setup :

  • Add purchased wallet money on ‘Complete’ order only : If customers buy a product that gives them wallet credit, you can decide to grant the credit only when the orders reaches the Complete status. By default, the credit is given when the order has the Processing status.
  • Wallet credit can’t be bought with the wallet : If turned ON, products that give wallet credit or cashback won’t be purchasable with wallet credit.
  • Shipping fees can be paid with Virtual Money : Decide if customers can use their wallet credit to pay for shipping fees or not.
  • Fees and charges can be paid with Virtual Money : Decide if customers can use their wallet credit to pay for additional fees or not.
  • Products buyable with : Select the default rule for products sold on your website.
    • Both real and virtual money : Products on your website can be purchased using both real money and wallet credit.
    • Real money only : Customers can’t use their wallet to purchase your website’s products. You’ll need to override this setting in the products where wallet credit is allowed.
    • Virtual money only : Customers can only use their wallet credit to purchase your website’s products.
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