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Products Rules

This documentation is for the WooVirtualWallet plugin

By default, all products can be purchased with wallet credit. However, you can change that setting in the product page. You can also sell wallet credit or give cashback using the products settings.


Sell wallet credit & product cashback

There are multiple ways for your customers to get wallet credit. They can earn it by participating in a WooRewards Loyalty Program or you can set cashback rules in products pages.

Go to WordPress → Products and edit the product for which you want to give wallet credit when sold.

Select the Virtual Wallet tab on the left.

Enter the Amount of credit customers will earn when they buy this product. You can use this field to give wallet cashback when customers buy a regular product or you can use it to sell wallet credit to your customers.

Product buyable rule


By default, products are sold using the general rule set in the WooVirtualWallet Settings. However, you can change that rule for each product.

Go to WooCommerce → Products and edit the product for which you want to set a specific buyable rule.

Select the Virtual Wallet tab on the left.

Here, you can select one of the four available rules for the Buyable with option :

  • Global Settings : Use the global rule set in WooVirtualWallet settings.
  • Both real and virtual money : Customers can use wallet credit or regular payment means to pay for the product.
  • Real Money only : Customers can’t use wallet credit to purchase this product.
  • Virtual Wallet only : This product can only be purchased wallet credit.
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