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Initial setup


Before starting to sell gift cards on your website, it’s important to know and set up what possibilities you want to enable. And how they will work. In order to do that, go to WooVirtualWallet → Settings → Gift Cards Settings. As a result, you will see a page with many options. Let’s review these options one by one.




In this first group, you can decide which features your customers will have access to.

Here are the different options available and what they do :

  • Title for the gift card email : Customers can set a title to their gift card. By default, the title will be used in the email sent to the recipient. However, you can override that if you want in the emails settings
  • Message in the gift card : Customers can enter a message for the recipient.
  • Signature on gift cards : Customers can sign their gift card.
  • Set a date at which the gift card is sent : Pretty useful for birthdays. Customers can select a sending day for the gift card email.
  • Use a gift card they bought : If checked, customers can use the purchased gift card.



If you want the title, message and signature to show on gift cards emails, you have to set them up in the gift cards emails settings.


Order Actions


This part is a bit more technical. However, it’s important that you understand these options. They determine how gift cards behave on your store.

  • Generation : When customers buy a gift card, the plugin will create and send the gift card when the order reaches one of the statuses that you set here.
  • Cancellation : If, for some reason, you cancel or refund an order containing a gift card, you can cancel the gift card alongside the order.
  • Consume Gift Cards : When the recipient uses the gift card on an order, select when the gift card is consumed.
  • Release held gift cards : When the recipient uses the gift card on an order and cancels or asks for a refund, you can decide to restore the gift card.


Gift Cards Images


You can set up as many images as you want. Customers who purchase gift cards on your website will have the possibility to choose which image they want to use. In addition, you can create different gift cards which use different images.

By default, WooVirtualWallet proposes 3 base images. You can create and upload your own images. In order to do that, click the Add button on the bottom of the images list.



Images should always be 600px wide to fit into gift cards emails. Don’t forget to also set them up in the emails configuration.



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