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Gift cards management


WooVirtualWallet provides an interface to manage all your gift cards. You will find this interface by going to WooVirtualWallet → Gift Cards

Firstly, let’s review the different information. On top, you can filter the columns you want to show or hide. Then, you have different filters that you can use to find specific gift cards. Finally, you have the gift cards list. In that list, you can edit, delete, send or add new gift cards.



Gift cards only exist for one wallet mode. If customers purchase gift cards in one wallet mode and you decide to change the wallet mode afterwards, previous gift cards will become unusable. You can change that manually by editing the gift card and switch it to the other mode and change its value.


Create a gift card


You can manually create a gift card by clicking the Add button.

The different information you can set are self explanatory. Therefore, fill in all the information you want and click the Save button to create a gift card. In addition, you can send the gift card by clicking the 3 dots in the action column. Then, click the Send button.



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