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Gift card use


WooVirtualWallet offers 3 distinct ways to use gift cards. It’s important that you understand all of them. However, you don’t have to offer all the possibilities to your customers.


WooCommerce coupon field


First, know that your customers can use the WooCommerce’s coupon field present on the cart and checkout pages to use their gift card. If your customers use their gift card that way, it will generate an immediate discount on the current cart.


Cart/Checkout Gift card tool


You can add a gift card use tool on the cart and checkout pages if you want to show a different form than the WooCommerce’s coupon field. First, you need to set up the tool. In order to do that, go to WooVirtualWallet → Appearance → WooCommerce → Cart Gift Card Use

You can select where to display the tool, either on the cart page, the checkout page or both.



If a registered customer uses a gift card with a value that exceeds the cart total, the exceeding amount will automatically be credited to the customer’s wallet. This is an exclusive feature of WooVirtualWallet that will incentivize customers to create an account and come back to your website.


Wallet Credit Shortcode


You can set up a shortcode on your website. Customers with an account can use their gift card to top up their wallet with the gift card amount !

[[wvw_giftcard_use header="Gift Card" text="Enter your gift card code"]]

Attribute Description
header (Optional) Set a title that will be displayed above the gift card form
(Optional) Set a text that will be displayed above the gift card form
(Optional) Set a text that will be displayed when a gift card code is successfully applied
fail (Optional) Set a text that will be displayed if a gift card was unsuccessfully applied

You can also style the tool by going to WooVirtualWallet → Appearance → Shortcodes


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