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Create a gift card product

This documentation is for the WooVirtualWallet plugin

After finishing the basic setup, it is now time to create your first gift card. Therefore, go to the WooCommerce products page and create a new product.


Standard Gift Card

We will begin with a standard gift card. First, set the name, image and description of your gift card. In addition, select standard product, set the price at which you want to sell it. You must also check the Virtual and Gift Card boxes in the product settings.

Afterwards, go to the Gift Card tab on the left where you’ll set up the various gift card options :

The options are as follows :

  • Gift card amount : The amount given by the gift card. In most cases, this will be the same amount as the product price.
  • Gift card images : The images the customer can choose from to customize the gift card email
  • Validity Period : Optionally, you can set an expiration period for the gift card.
  • Refund on expiration : If you set a validity period, you can also let the customer get the gift card’s amount credited to his wallet if the gift card isn’t used.
  • Optional refund fee : Set an optional fee if you want customers to pay for the refund option.

Variable Gift Card

The variable gift card lets your customers choose which amount they want to put in the gift card. The settings are almost the same as the ones of a standard gift card. However, you have to set it to Variable product instead of Standard product. After creating your variable product, check the Gift Card box and go to the attributes tab.

Add a new attribute that you can name Gift Card Amount for example. Set the different values that you want to have and make this attribute usable for variations.

Then, in the variations tab, add a new variation for each value.

For each variation, make sure to set the following values :

  • Check the Virtual box option.
  • Set a Regular price.
  • Set a Gift card amount.

Finally, you can move on to the gift card tab and set up the options like for standard gift cards.

That’s it, you can now start to sell your gift cards. As a result, your gift card should look like this on the front-end :


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