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Initial setup

Welcome to the WooVirtualWallet documentation. Now that the plugin is installed, it is time to do the initial setup and let your customers start using the wallet.

Enable the WooVirtualWallet Payment Gateway

If you want customers to be able to pay with the virtual wallet, you have to enable the Payment Gateway. There are several ways to enable the gateway.

  1. In your administration menu, go to WooVirtualWallet → Gateway
  2. In your administration menu, go to WooVirtualWallet → Settings. On the bottom of the page, click on Setup WooVirtualWallet as a Payment Gateway
  3. In your administration menu, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Payments → Virtual Wallet.

All 3 methods lead to the same page where you’ll be able to enable the gateway. You will find more details on the gateway option later in the documentation.

Wallet Rules

Wallet rules will define how the wallet behaves depending on the situation.

  • Add purchased wallet money on ‘Complete’ order only : If customers purchase a product giving wallet credit, the credit will be added to their wallet as soon as the order has the ‘processing’ status. You can override this setting and give wallet credit only on ‘Complete’ orders.
  • Wallet credit can’t be bought with the wallet : If you decide to sell wallet credit at a discounted rate, you should check this option. It will prevent customers from creating infinite amounts of wallet credit.
  • Shipping fees can be paid with Virtual Money : WooVirtualWallet Pro Only  Define if shipping fees can be paid with the wallet or not.
  • Products buyable with : WooVirtualWallet Pro Only Define the general rule applied to products and how they can be purchased. This rule can be overriden for each product. Thes rules are detailed in this part of the documentation.
Wallet Currency

WooVirtualWallet uses the same currency than WooCommerce by Default. However, if you want to show your own currency, it’s possible.


The currency will be displayed on the different wallet widgets and shortcodes. If you set up certain product rules, it will also be displayed in product pages.


Start using the wallet

The main purpose of the wallet is to help you retain your customers. When reading this documentation, keep in mind that unlike real money, wallet money can only be used on your website. Your goal should be to motivate your customers to get money on their wallet, either by purchasing products or by earning it with other methods.

With WooVirtualWallet Standard, there are only 2 methods to earn wallet credit :

  • Manually add it using the users interface.
  • Sell products that give a set amount on the wallet.

To motivate customers to buy wallet credit, you should sell it at a lower rate (5-10% lower is usually enough).

With WooVirtualWallet Pro, you get many other ways to give wallet credit :

  • Product Cashback : Every time a customer buys a product, he gets a percentage of that product back on his wallet.
  • Order refunds : If you need to issue order refunds, you can issue them on the wallet instead of giving back money.
  • Gift Cards : Used like coupon codes, it allows customers to offer wallet credit to their friends.

Finally, if you own a WooRewards Pro license, you have a LOT more ways to give credit wallet.


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