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Gems to Discounts

This documentation is for the WooVirtualWallet plugin

The Gems to Discounts feature lets your customers spend their gems to get immediate discounts on regular orders (paid with the website’s currency).


Gems to Discounts Settings

Before using the Gems to Discounts feature, you need to set up a few options.

Go to WooVirtualWallet → Settings → Gems Settings → Gems to Discount.

Set up the different options :

  • Enabled : Enable or disable the Gem to Discount feature.
  • Cart Widget : Will open a new window where you can customize the cart tool. More information down below.
  • Reload cart page after redeem : Enable if there’s a display issue because of a conflict with another plugin.
  • Allow these discounts on carts containing products that give gems : If items in the cart give gems, you can disable the Gems to Discounts feature.

Create Discounts

You can create as many discounts using gems as you want.

At the gems to discount list, click on the Add button.

When you create a new discount, you have to enter the following values :

  • Label : The title of the discount, displayed in the cart tool.
  • Cost : How much of your gems currency will be spent on that discount.
  • Discount Type : Select if the discount is a fixed amount or a percentage of cart total
  • Discount Amount : The amount of the discount.
  • Individual use only : Select if customers can use only one discount on a cart or if they can use more than one.

Cart Tool

You need to place the Gems to Discounts cart tool on your cart page for customers to use them.

Go to WooVirtualWallet → Settings → Appearance → WooCommerce tab → Gems to Discount.


This part is only available if you Enabled the gem to discount inside the Gems to Discounts Settings

Before styling the tool, there’s a few options to set :

  • Show unavailable options : If the customer doesn’t have enough gems to use all the discounts, you can decide to show them (inactive) or to hide them.
  • Cart Display : Select where you want to show the tool on the cart page.
  • Styling : Select the elements you want to modify and adapt the styling to your liking.
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