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Loyalty Points as Wallet Credit

With this add-on, you can connect directly a points reserve from WooRewards to customers’ wallet credits.

That also means that every time the points are updated, the wallet credit is updated accordingly. By using this add-on, you can use WooRewards’ points expiration feature to have credit expiration on wallet credit.

Installation and activation

First, you have to purchase the add-on. Since it’s a premium add-on, you can’t install it directly. Therefore, go to WooVirtualWallet Add-ons and purchase the add-on. Then, download the zip file (link in the order confirmation) and install it like a new plugin.

After the installation, go to the following page :

WooVirtualWallet → System → License management

Enter your license key (also received in the order confirmation). That’s it, you’re good to go.


After activation, go to WooVirtualWallet → System → Data Management and you’ll see a new group of options appear.

First, select the points and rewards system you want to link your wallet credit to. Secondly, set how much credit a point is worth.

Save your settings and that’s it, they’re now linked.

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