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For each VIP Lounge, you can define define different display and price rules for the lounge members. You see in that window a list of already active rules.

If you want to add a new rule, click the “Add” button on the bottom right on the list. You will have to fill in the following informations :

  • Rule Name (optional)
  • Visible only for members : Products from the selected categories will be visible exclusively by the lounge members.
  • Purchasable by members only : Products will be visible for everyone but only the lounge member will have the possibility to purchase them.
  • Remise (%) : Percentage discount applied to the products for the lounge members.
  • Catégories : Select all the categories for which you want the rule to be applied. The rule also applies to all sub-categories.

Once you’re done, simply save your settings.

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