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General Settings

A VIP Lounge consists foremost in the creation of a WordPress user role. Display and price rules are then associated with the role. Finally, all users who have that role will get access to the previously set display and price rules.

For a good understanding of the following documentation, when you see that image :  , it means that to get access to the feature, you have to enable the advanced settings by clicking the button in the top right corner of your screen.

Here is the list of general settings for VIP Lounges :

  • Display Name : It’s the name of your VIP Lounge. It’s also the name of the WordPress role created. This name is also used when products are displayed, unless if you use a sticker.
  • Sticker : If you choose an image here, it will be displayed everywhere a content is exclusive to this VIP Lounge.
  • Replaced roles : By default, when a user joins a VIP Lounge, the corresponding role is added to his list of roles. However, it’s possible that you want that a previously assigned role to be removed when the user earns this new role. This setting lets you choose what roles will be replaced.
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