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Membership Expiry Reminder

This documentation is for the WooVIP plugin

If you sell memberships limited in time, it’s important to notify your members about the future expiration of their membership. This way, they can choose to renew it. If you use a subscription plugin, you can also inform them that their membership is about to be renewed.

WooVIP provides an email for that purpose. In order to set it up, go to WooVIP → Appearance → Emails.


Email Settings

First, you can set global settings for your emails

In this part, you can set the basic settings for the emails :

  • Header picture : Set an image to display on top of your emails. Choose a size of 600 pixels wide for better display.
  • Footer text : By default, the plugin will display a “Powered by WooVIP” notice on your email footers. However, you can change that by setting a value here.

Membership Expiration

Now that you’ve set the basic settings, it’s time to setup the membership expiration email.

There are different settings you have to change here :

  • Subject : The subject of the email. Use [membership] to change it by the membership name.
  • Preheader : A short description of your email content. Some email clients will display it in the inbox emails list.
  • Days before membership expiration to send the reminder email : Set the desired number of days.
  • Styling tool : In the styling tool, you can change the look of the email. You can also change some texts.
  • Test email : Send yourself a test email.
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