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Members Management


Go to WooVIP → Members to manage your members and their memberships.

Here are the different information and possibilities of this screen :

  • Columns : Select which memberships you want to show on the list. If you have several memberships, it will help you see the good information at the right time.
  • Search : Use this filter to search for specific WordPress users. You can search by email, user id, nickname and display name.
  • Users list : This list will display all your WordPress/WooCommerce users. For each user, the list will display what membership he owns, when the membership started and when it will end (if it ends).
  • Action : In this section, you can edit your users memberships :
    • First, select the users for which you want to edit the membership by checking the according checkbox in the list.
    • Secondly, select an action between Add Membership, Revoke Membership and Extend Membership.
    • Then, select the desired membership and set an End Date if needed.
    • Finally, click on Apply.



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