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New Order Email

When customers place an order, they receive a confirmation email from WooCommerce. If you want, you can add a custom message for customers in these messages.

New Order Email Message

To enable and set up the message, go to WooRewards → Settings → WooCommerce → New Order Email Message




In this part, you will find the following options :

  • Enable Email Message : Check the box to add custom message to WooCommerce order emails.
  • Loyalty systems : If you decide to use the display points shortcode, you have to select for which loyalty systems you want to show the points.
  • Email text : The text that will be sent in emails.

Please be advised that the message will only be sent to orders that have reached the Processing or Complete status.

Display Points Shortcode

If you want to show to customers the points they earned when placing the order, you can add the [wr_wc_order_points] shortcode to your message. The shortcode will display the earned points with the following rules :

  • Points will only be displayed if they’ve already been earned in the loyalty system.
  • The shortcode will only display points for the selected loyalty systems. If the customer earned points in a non selected loyalty system, he won’t know.
  • The points are formatted with the points currency you chose in your loyalty systems. It means that if you named your points “Diamonds”, the shortcode will show “X Diamonds”
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