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My Account – Loyalty

The “My Account – Loyalty” displays a lot of information relative to your loyalty programs. You can see it as a resume of all your loyalty programs for your customers.

Settings and Styling

To change options and colors, go to WooRewards → Settings → WooCommerce

First, there’s a few options you need to set :

  • Display the Loyalty and Reward tab : Choose if you want to display this information on the WooCommerce “My Account” tab
  • Loyalty and Rewards Tab Title : You can enter the tab title
  • Expanded display : By default, information is displayed in an accordion style. It means that to see details, users have to click on the line they’re interested in. If you check that box, the accordion is disabled and all information is visible.
  • Show Points History to customers : Check this box to show the points history for loyalty systems to your customers.

Once you’ve set these options, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. It will update the preview in the themer tool.

In the themer tool, you can’t change css styling of the elements. We’ve added css classes that you can use, but you need to use WordPress Custom CSS in the Customize tool in order to do it.

However, most of the time, you won’t need to change styles. The themer tool allows you to change the displayed colors of different elements. First, click the “Select a Theme” button and choose the theme that is the closest match to your site’s colors. Then, use the color tools in the bottom area to adjust the colors to your needs. Don’t forget to save your changes.

What to do if you get a 404 error

Sometimes, when trying to go to the Loyalty and Rewards Tab, you will see a “404 – Page does not exist” error. This is a known WordPress permalink issue. To solve it, go to your WordPress administration and go to Settings → Permalinks. Once you’re there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button. That will solve the problem.

The Loyalty and Rewards Tab in detail

There’s a lot of information displayed in this tool. That’s why it’s important to see each part in detail

1 – Your current coupons

This part shows the WooCommerce coupons that the customers owns. The customer can uses these coupons on future carts.

2 – Unlockable rewards

In this section, customers can unlock rewards for which they have enough points.

If they can unlock more than one reward, clicking on the unlock button will show what rewards won’t be available after the reward is redeemed. They can then confirm or cancel their action.

3 – Loyalty System Resume

This line presents some useful information about the current loyalty system :

  • Name of the system
  • Current points for the system (and current level if applicable)
  • Number of different methods to earn points
  • Number of possible rewards
  • Start and End Date (for events only)

4 – Points History

On this part, customers can see their points modification history for the loyalty system. It only display the last 10 movements.

5 – Standard System information

This part is similar to what you see when you edit a standard loyalty system. First, customers can see all methods they can use to earn points. In the second part, they can see the possible rewards.

Side note : Customers only see the titles of the different methods and rewards. These titles are automatically generated if you don’t set them. If you want to hide one ore more methods to earn points, you can set a “This is a mystery” title.

6 – Levelling System information

For levelling systems, there’s a small difference in how rewards are presented. Each level is presented separately with all rewards it contains. Customers can also see if they have reached a particular level or not.

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